Jovvox Intelligence Reports

Jovvox - (Session 39)

Apparently there is an old dwarven mine under the old Dwarven outpost, so the Gnomes extended their borders and have declared themselves to be a new nation! They have claimed the land from the Old Dwarven Outpost back to the town and then up to the Gnome Ferry as ‘their’ territory, and have even built a road from the city to the outpost. They are still arguing about a name though – at the moment Greater Jovvox still appears to be favourite! But there are many other names that are being bandied about as well.

Jovvox - (session 28 – approx 1 year since the party set out from Restov)

Not much to report from here. Biggest excitement (at the moment) is the discovery of an Old Dwarven Stronghold, because the locals believe there is access to some mines and catacombs beneath it. A man called Narthrople has claimed it on behalf of Greater Jovvox, although there is still huge debate about the whole enterprise and the concept of ‘Greater Jovvox’ is slow to take off.

Newhaven is spoken of as a destination in the Ale Houses and Taverns. There are many more people travelling North now than there ever was. The trail up to the Ferry has been improved and there are more merchant barges travelling through Jovvox - both to and from Horcoft.

Jovvox doesn’t have many troops at all. The few there are look after the ‘gates & roads’ and collect ‘tolls & taxes’.

The most recent large order (that I am aware of) was for someone from Gralton.

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