This town (pop: 1450), consists primarily of gnomes, stands within a recently claimed section of the River Kingdoms east of Mivon. Jovvox was originally built around a remote monastery with a great open forge on the ground floor. After a turnover in local leadership, the monks rebelled and were killed. A flattering gnome merchant, Jov, persuaded the victor to cede her the territory in exchange for making weapons to fuel his rise to power. The bandit king was dead within nine months, but the gnome weaponsmith lived on.

Today, Jovvox’s small enclave of weapon-smiths makes cheap weapons fast. When a bandit king or revolutionary from nearby Galt needs a hundred spears to arm a coup attempt, the weapon merchants of Jovvox supply them. The smiths can make high-quality weapons, but most of their business comes from undercutting the competition in price and quality. “A true warrior only needs his sword once” is a popular sales pitch in Jovvox.

There is a small iron mine lies near the town, and they have recently claimed a second mine, at The Outpost about 50 miles west of the town. More often, though, the halflings and humans of Jovvox scour the battlefields of the River Kingdoms, scavenging leftovers of past battles to recycle into new weapons. The gnomes will melt down any weapons found and forge the metal into new weapons for the next client, and it’s not uncommon for a smith making a big sale to send a scout after the buyer to watch and potentially reclaim any unused or broken weapons after the client’s destruction.

The current leader of Jovvox, a gnome named Kellywells, specializes in making exotic weapons. He craves a challenge and frequently works into the night to turn out new and improbable-looking weapons.

Jovvox Intelligence Reports

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