House Surtova

Currently the most influential house in Brevoy with They control both Port Ice in the Northwestern Corner and the capital city New Stetven. The Surtova crest is a gray ship against a field of blue below and black above, the upper shield spangled with silver stars. Its motto is “Ours Is the Right.”

People: ‘King’ Noleski Surtova sits upon the Dragonscale Throne in New Stetven while his sister Natala Surtova reigns as his unofficial queen, as Noleski has not yet married. Lord Domani Surtova, (uncle to King Noleski) currently rules the ancestral lands around Port Ice.

History: Back in the earliest days before Brevoy (or even Issia) existed the Surtovas were infamous pirates and raiders lead by a patriarchal warlord. Canny and scheming, the Surtova gradually dominated the local clans – and formed them into the disparate nation of Issia – With the Surtova’s reigning as kings. When Choral the Conqueror came along, the Surtova promptly surrendered and then married a daughter off to the new ruler, gaining themselves lands, titles and influence in the new realm. Since The Vanishing, House Surtova claimed the throne again. Initially as King-Regent although recently King Noleski has started claiming the title of King in his own right.

Now: King Noleski is still working to establish his control of the nation. Not everyone recognises his claim to be king, and some still insist on describing him as King Regent. When Surtova took over New Stetven he expected to take over the lands and manors in Rostland that had been controlled by House Rogarvia. However, in the South of Rostland, many of the manors invited Aldori Swordlords in as ‘Care Takers’ and there is now a bit of a stand off.

Colonies: Both Baron Drelev and Lady Stroon-Drelev were ‘at court’ in New Stetven and it is understood that New Stetven supported their expedition. Being able to trade through The Slough would be good for his business interests.

Rumors say Natala enjoys her role (and her influence over her brother) far too much to embrace the idea of a proper sister-in-law. Still, there is considerable pressure for Noleski to choose a bride and produce heirs for his new dynasty.

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