House Rogarvia

House Rogarvia is hardly a noble house at all now. Since the disappearance of all of its members (or at least all of those who can trace a blood connection back to Choral the Conqueror) there power has been lost.

People: Urzen Rogarvia was the last undisputed king of Brevoy – up until his (and all his blood relatives’) disappearance ten years ago.

History: Since Choral’s final victory in the Valley of Fire, until the recent mysterious disappearance, House Rogarvia ruled Brevoy. The house built the Ruby Fortress in the city of New Stetven as its stronghold, and Urzen Rogarvia sat on the Dragonscale Throne up until 4699, when the entire family vanished overnight. The Rogarvias were well known as ruthless rulers, determined to hold Brevoy together in the Conqueror’s name by whatever means necessary. Still, while their loss was not overly mourned, the stability they represented has been. Loyalists have continued to call for investigation into the Vanishing and make much of the fact that their rule lasted precisely 200 years, but it has become increasingly clear that House Rogarvia will not return soon, if ever.

Now: There is just the rump of adopted ‘family’ members left and without the leadership of hteir ‘king’ they are struggling. These are mainly minor lords in New Stetven, or on the southern edges of the Gonzi Forest – the largest single group is the Khavortorov Family of the Stetven River.

Colonies: The Khavortorov Family have an interest in Fort Drelev.

Many say that a true Rogarvia heir exists somewhere, however everyone has a different story. There are at least two people claim to be illegitimate descendents of King Urzen, while others say that the heir is locked inside Starwatch waiting for the right time to return. Still others say that Duma the Sly, from the Gronzi forest, is the only legitimate heir.

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