House Orlovsy

House Orlovsky’s strength lies around Eagle’s Watch high up on Mount Veshka in the central Brevoy highlands. They have limited resources and limited opportunity - they don’t control huge veins of metal, nor good farming lands, nor even have good access to the trade routes. But their folks are as strong and as hardy as the next.

People: Lord Poul Orlovsky is the Head of the House – he is a bit of a stickler for the rules and likes things done properly.

History: Long ago the Orlovskys came to Eagle’s Watch from the city of Orlov in Iobaria, although that was well before Choral the Conquerer created Brevoy. However, they were one of a few smaller ‘houses’ scattered across the central highlands, holding little more than their mountain. When Choral came though, they consolidated, through diplomacy, marriage and the support of House Rogarvia they united the people of the foothills.

Now: Lord Orlovsy was a strong ally to House Rogarvia, he understood that his family had come to prominence with their help and assistance and he finds the current position uncomfortable. To date he has only ever recognised Noleski Surtova as Lord Regent in the absence of King Urzen or a true Rogarvian heir. However, the writing is clearly on the wall ….

Colonies: House Orlovsky has no formal interest in any of the new colonies to the south, although a minor member of the family (Rudolph Orlovsky) is involved with the developments in Newhaven.

It is rumoured that Lord Poul might try to claim the throne for himself, if no true heir of House Rogarvia can be found.

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