House Medvyed

House Medvyed claims lands nestled against the Icerime Peaks and the Gronzi Forest, and rules them from the fortress of Stoneclimb in the lower peaks. They are a hardy folk, raisers of mountain goats and sheep, hunters in the Gronzi Forest, and cultivators of what good land can be found on the edges of their harsh territory.

People: Lord Gurev Medvyed is an ‘old school’ noble, he loves to hunt, ride, and feast with his men, and dotes on his wife and children. He doesn’t have all that much interest in politics.

History: The Medvyed’s are long term residents of these hills, right back to the days of the earliest settlements in this area, and Stoneclimb has been their stronghold since those very early days. They learned to live in harmony with their wild and ragged land, and they still follow the old ways much more than any of the other noble houses.

Now: Their strength is in defence - the people know the wild lands and can ‘disappear into the hills’, Stoneclimb is difficult to besiege. The people (and the rulers) are happy with the simple life. However they make some of the best mountain scouts you have ever met.

Colonies: House Medvyed has a passing interest in the settlement of Varnhold as Maegar Varn is the third son of one of their lesser barons. However, it is not a formal interest.

It is rumoured that House Medvyed is associated with Duma the Sly, a bandit who roams the southern Gronzi Forest. He certainly seems to leave them alone, and concentrates his attacks on Royal messengers, merchants and tax men.

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