House Lodovka

House Lodovka is strongly interested in maritime affairs. They have a large fleet of ships in the Lake of Mists and Veils and their influence lies along their lakeshore lands and the trade routes crossing the waters. House Lodovka claims comparatively little land in the northernmost areas of Brevoy, and much of the land they hold is unsuitable for farming, but the house has many smaller vessels hauling catches of fish and freshwater crabs from the Lake.

People: Lord Kozek Lodovka is Head of House and his interests lay on the lake of mists and veils. He is renowned for driving a hard bargain, but is generous with his house and supporters.

History: The Lodovka have been here for years, originally as pirates and raiders, then as traders and fishermen.

Now: House Lodovka made their money by trading across the Lake f mists and Veils – and have excellent trade connections all around the lake. They are, perhaps, the least affected of all the Noble Houses.

Colonies: House Lodovka has no interest in the southern colonies at all.

Some rumour mongers hint that House Lodovka still operate a secret fleet of pirate ships.

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