House Lebeda

House Lebeda of Lake Reykal are known as the most “Rostlandic” of Brevoy’s noble houses, having inherited a good deal of Taldan blood and tradition, including a fondness for sword fighting and an appreciation of the finer things. Their family seat of Silverhall is one of the grandest castles in Brevoy, its spires rising above the shores of Lake Reykal. The Lebedas earn and maintain their fortune as merchants and brokers between the northern and southern reaches of Brevoy, and control much of the shipping across the lake.

People: Dame Sarrona Lebeda has ruled the house as regent since the death of her husband, but their son Lander is approaching his majority, when he will become lord of the house. His older sister Elanna spends a great deal of time representing their house in New Stetven.

History: The Lebedas have come to prominence only since the arrival of Choral the Conquerer. Forged out of a mixture of Taldan settler stock, river pirates and the older Issian residents – the Lebeda developed as a pragmatic, and powerful, merchant house..

Now: House Lebeda made their money by trading from Lake Reykal into the river Kingdoms and beyond – along the East Sellen river. However, the East Sellen is now blocked and their primary source of income is diminished. Subsequently they have turned their attentions to courting House Surtova.

Colonies: House Lebeda are the driving force behind the settlement at Fort Drelev, as they need the East Sellen open for trade more than anyone else does. Many of the supply ships that arrive at Fort Drelev carry the Lebeda flag.

Rumours claim the Lebedas are looking to arrange a marriage between Lady Elanna (the heirs older sister) and Noleski Surtova.

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