House Garess

The valleys and lowlands of the Golushkin Mountains are the domain of House Garess, founded on both the defensibility of the mountain terrain and the mineral wealth brought out of the peaks. House Garess once had a profitable alliance with a clan of dwarves living in the Golushkin Mountains serving as brokers of a sort for the ores, metals, and worked goods the Golushkin dwarves produced.

People: Lord Howlan Garess is the head of House Garess. His son Bren was when Highdelve and Clan Golka were lost some ten years ago. Lord Howlan, a widower with no other children, has named Toval Golka (the son of the Golka Clan Chief) as his adoptive heir

History: House Garess has been in these mountains for years, well before the arrival of Choral the Conqueror. From their earliest days they forged a trade alliance with the Dwarves of Clan Golka, and their wealth came, primarily, from trading the ores, metal and metal work produced by the Dwarves.

Now: House Garess is in disarray. The main source of their wealth (Clan Golka) has disappeared, and there is concern (among the family) that Torval has been named heir. At the moment, House Garess is more concerned with its own affairs, that with anything else.

Colonies: House Garess has no real interest in the southern colonies, although one of their minor (and out of favour) members is currently serving as High Warden in Newhaven.

Although the search for Highdelve has formally been abandoned, there are rumours that Howlan and Torval are still committing family resources to that search. There are also rumours that there is at least one faction planning to lead a coup to take control of the house when Howlan finally passes away.

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