Horcroft - District (Central)

Fort Stag - Once the base for the notorious bandit leader known as The Stag Lord - it has been liberated and now serves as the administrative centre and garrison for the city.

Atem's Smithy - Atem is a burly man with huge shoulder muscles who works stripped to the waist unless it is really in the middle of winter. He is a good smith and can make master work items, such as swords, shields and armour - although you need to order them in advance. His son's and apprentices carry out the day-to-day blacksmithing work, although Atem oversees them with an eagle eye, to make sure nothing brings shame to his smithy.


The Lizard's Head - The first ale house in Horcroft run by Lilia Flink- Lilia is an female half-elf, middle aged and experienced in the ways of tavern-fu, who want to develop the best Inn in Horcroft. The Lizards Head sells a good selection of drink and offers the Tavern Meals options from this Menu. There is a bunk room out back and beds are available for 5sp per night

Pharasma's Shrine and The Graveyard - There is a small mortuary and remembrance chapel that is used for the preparation of corpses. Once the body has been properly prepared it can be carried over the short distance to the grave yard. When not in use for burials the Pharasmin Clerics work though various remembrance chants that include the names of some of those people buried in the grave yard. It is possible to buy special remembrance chants for your beloved, and depending on the amount paid, the Pharasmin's will remember them officially on a regular basis. Accommodation for the priest is located close to the shine - and it is also the place to come if you need an experienced midwife.

The Horcroft Granary - A series of large storage barns used to hold the city's supplies. Although it is called a Granary, it is used for all sorts of supplies such as Grain, vegetables and preserved foods. Stocks run down over the winter, but build up again through the summer. They say that the city could withstand a three month siege, even when its stocks are at their lowest - but that has never been tested.

Glynn’s Sword School - The first sword school in Newhaven, Glynn’s teaches the modern style of rapier based duelling as favoured by Lord Rudy. Legnus Glynn (the proprietor) is a protégé of Rudy and Ox’s old headmaster, and came here expecting to develop a good business, and also owns the back-to-back housing behind the school. As well as teaching the finer points of duelling, Glynn’s offers training in most weapons and armour types. It is the ideal place to send your children (or apprentices) if you want then to learn some military skills without signing up for an career in the army.


Stag Brewery makes the local brew. Their Ale and Small Ale is sold by the cask, and is a common drink in Horcroft. Many households buy it directly from the brewery, but you can buy it by the mug in just about all the local drinking establishments. Stag Strong Ale is more expensive and sold by the bottle, it is generally available in Inns, Taverns and Ale Houses (but not in Tenement Bars). Stag Brewery also make Schnapping Stag – plum liquor that is sold by the bottle. You can find Schapping Stag for sale (as a shot) in all the good Inns and Taverns.

Brazon’s Mill - Conrad Brazon owns a pair of mills set on the banks of The Tuskwater – one mill is generally used for cutting timber, the other for grinding flour and meal. However, given enough time to make the changes they can be used for other things as well. Brazon claims that his mills are driven by a spring that produces sufficient pressure to drive his waterwheels, however, rumours abound that he has some sort of magical assistance – one says inherited a bound water elemental, other say he is a spell caster In his own right. In reality …

Fae Tree Park - Is a recreational area in the middle of Horcroft. It features path ways, a large pond and a huge tree grown from a Tree Feather Token.

Horcroft Tannery - Run by a large and intimidating half-orc, the tannery takes all sorts of animal skins and turns them into leather and furs.


Riksferry - is a small ferry station with a simple 'raft & rope' ferry that crosses the river, it can carry people, horses and even a wagon across safely. There are a couple of other settler cabins here and vegetable fields here, although they are mainly fishermen who send part of their catch into Horcroft for sale. You cxan catch a ferry across the river here, or you can hire a small boat with a fisherman to row it. However, there is only room for two people (and the rower). When the ferry isn't in use, it is pulled out into the river and acts as a fishing platform for the locals. They set a few eel traps, but mainly line fish for the larger fish in the river.


Jimshold - is a farm just outside Horcroft on the way to Riksferry run by James Breandon, a large red-headed man known to all and sundry as Big Jimmy. Jimmy has started up a orchard for plum trees and is laying out fields of Blue Wolf Berries along with more conventional vegetable crops. However, he is also starting to run flocks of sheep up in the local hills, although like all farms there are a couple of pigs and a cow for milk as well. Eventually Big Jimmy will have wool (Cloth), Blue Wolf Berries (Hooch) and Plums (Scnapps) to give him a rounded income.


Greenlee Farm - is a farm to the north Horcroft on the the Fishford Road. Originally run by Billy Greenlee and his wife - but after a series of unfortunate incidents, it was reassigned to Bert Sier and his family. The farm grows Blue Wolf Berries and conventional vegetable crops. There is a small flock of sheep up in the local hills, although like all farms there are a couple of pigs and cows for milk. Greenlee farm is also home to one of the local breeding bulls.

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