Horcoft is a busy city in its own right and has a population of about 6,500. It has the following districts and facilities.

Cassandra Street: Runs from Fort Stag all the way to the North Gate. It is the main shopping street in Horcroft but is also home to the Town Hall, the Town Park and the Bank. Food and drink is available at The Lizard’s Head and The Brass Pig.

Palace: In the north western section of central Horcroft, This area contains the Ruler’s Palace, Mansions and upscale housing. It finishes at Iomedae way and the Monument to Iomedae.

Chas Road: Runs west through the middle of central Horcroft. It is one of the main residential areas. TThe Monument to Iomedae is on the border between Chas Road and Palace.

The Docks: Run along the waterfront on the western side of Fort Stag. You’ll find the Merchant Piers and Fishing Quay – as well as the Jail and some cheap housing. It is also home to The Lucky Hero – an alehouse run by followers of Cayden Cailean.

Boneyard: In the north eastern part of central Horcroft, Boneyard is named after the cemetery and shrine dedicated to Pharasma. The rest of the section is taken up with middle class housing.

The Industrial Section: Houses The Smithy (where you can commission masterwork weapons and armour) as well as the mill, tannery, granary and brewery. There is also a block (or so) of cheap housing here.

Temple: In the south east of the outer ring is home to the temple of Erastil – sandwiched between the industrial area and the city dump. This area is also home to the farmers market – so many of the country folks coming into the city have easy access to the temple facilities. There is still quite a large plot of land (in the Temple region) awaiting development.

Academia: The north east of the outer ring is home to the Horcroft Academy – its four massive collections are amongst the best in the region. Glyn’s Sword School trains duellists and The Garrison trains troops for Newhaven’s armies and watch. It is buzzing with young people with next to no money. However, there are also specialist in many fields.

The Theatre District: Is in the north western section of the outer ring. The Variety Theatre, Horcroft Baths, The Dancehall, The Casino and The Harper’s Goblet tavern all overlook the park square. The Harper’s Goblet is a tavern selling with average food, drink and accommodation - however it does have a veranda where patrons can sit and watch the people walk past. There is still some land between Theatre District and the north gate available for development.

West Gate: In the south west of the city is currently home to the livery stable a residential area. It has space available for development.


Stability +30 Economy +39 Loyalty +32 Defense modifier +19
Stability Economy Loyalty Defense Mod
Location Bonus: +1 +1 +1 -
Full District Bonus: +10 +10 +10 -
Fort Stag (Castle) +2 +2 +2 +9
The Garrison +2 +5
The Palace (Noble Villa) +1 +1 +1
The Outer Walls +4
City Walls -
The Brass Pig(Inn) +3 +1
The Lizard's Head (Tavern) +2 +1
The Lucky Drunk (Ale House) +1 +1
Shrine to Pharasma +1 +1
Shrine to Abadar +1 +1
The Monument (Iomedae) +3
The Graveyard +1 +1
The Town Hall +1 +1 +1
Horcroft City Jail +2 +2
Fae Tree Park +1
The Library +1 +1
The Piers +1 +1
The Quayside +1 +1
City Dump +1 +1
The Horcroft Granary +1 +1
The Luxury Store +3
The Gem Shop +1 +2
The Glass Shop +1 +2
Atem's Smithy +1 +1
Glynn's Sword School +1 +1 +1
The Stables +1 +1
Brazon's Mill +1 +1
Stag Brewery +1 +1
Horcroft Tannery +1 +1
Greenlee Farm
House x3
Tenements x2
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