Holiday Food

The New Year and Winter festival. These few dishes tend to appear all over the place during the Winter Week and New Year festival. At street markets, at home in the evening, when visiting friends .. They are the flavour of Winter and new year :)

Winter Bread - think of something like Gingerbread with dried fruit mixed in – then add a slight kick of your normal Christmas/Thanksgiving spices. A rich, smooth little cake that does the job of Mince Pies, Stollen, Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding – all rolled into one. Presentation varies from individual muffins through to one large cake that can be cut and shared, and covers just about every size and shape in-between.

Mulled Hooch – Put a pot of water by the fire and add the spices, let the spices steep in warm water – and then mix the warm water and wine in the tankard. For adults make it 50/50 – for children dilute 50/50 again with plain warm water.

Roast Chestnuts - Chestnuts roasting in an open fire ….. etc etc :)

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