Hebrin The Free

Lord Inquisitor of Newhaven
Halfling Scout

Hebrin grew up on the edges of The Stolen Lands, and his family history tells that earlier generations (on his mothers side) held title to property somewhere in The Stolen Lands. He firmly believes there are the ruins of a farm or village that bears his name in there somewhere. His father is an escaped slave helped by the Bellflower network (hence the surname) and he has a dislike of tyranny and oppression. However he has a deep respect (and like) for the countryside - both rural and wild.

Of average height for a Halfling, Hebrin has tanned skin, brown eyes and wears his black hair in dreadlocks.

Hebrin would like to see New Haven stay wild – but untroubled by bandits, monsters and war lords. OK, that means some parts have got to be developed, but he would like to see a lot of wilderness remain.

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