Income = +82
Economy = +10
Stability = +5

Roads - Every 4 road hexes add one point the the economy. Every 8 road hexes add one point to the stability. Currently there are 40 road hexes,
Benefits = +18 Economy +5 Stability

Developed Hexes

Each hex with a developed hamlet generates 2 points of Income per turn - regardless of the type of development.

Arable Farming Hexes

The northern plains are ideal suited for growing vegetables and grain, and farming communities in the lowland areas take advantage of that. While the bulk of their effort goes into crop production, many maintain dairy herds, chickens and pigs as well. Rather than just being one large village, they are distributed communities. There is generally one large farm based in a hamlet, with a number of smaller outlaying thorps that are run as small holdings or market gardens. There will be a team of Oxen, ploughs, harrows and other major equipment kept centrally, that are used by all of the local farms. Produce is initially collected at the central hamlet and shipped further afield in bulk. Their main exports are cereals, vegetables and cheese.

The following are all arable farming hexes.


Hill Farms

Set among the hills and fells of the Kamelands, these farms are not particularly well suited to grain production. While they can grow enough grain and vegetable to support themselves, their main income derives from sheep and goats. The central hamlet contains a shearing sheds, dipping troughs and all the other equipment required for the production of raw wool. Smaller settlements, thorps, set way up in the hills, oversee grazing land and pasture for the flocks. They mainly export fleece, wool yarn, mutton and lamb (in season).

The following are all hill farming hexes.

Nettle’s Crossing
Fell Cross

Fishing Hamlets

Fishing hamlets are always set on a lake or river, and make their living from that. They are a good source of preserved fish, reeds, waterside herbs and other similar items. There may well be a number of smaller settlements locally that bring part of their catch into the main hamlet for processing. They all cultivate some vegetables to supplement the fish in their diet. They mainly export smoked eels, fish sauce, fresh eels (in season) as well as reed baskets and mats.

The following are all fishing hexes.

Sissas (Lizard Folks)

*NOTE: The Sissas hex is home to a tribe of Lizard Folks - most live in an Island village at the mouth of the River Murque, however there are other smaller settlements along the banks of the river. There are no ‘human’ settlements in that hex and the Hex is regarded as ‘Travel with caution’.

Mining Settlements

At the moment there is only one mining settlement at Gelt. Just off the main road along a track into a gully the small hamlet of Gelt processes the ore from a local mine. There is a large shed, attached to the mine manager’s house, which is used for crushing sorting and storing the ore for transport and a number of cabins for miners and their families. Each cabin has a small vegetable garden, and a few chickens, but there is no space for fields in these narrow valleys. It exports gold ore

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