Gurdinford is a small hamlet situated at one of the few crossing places on the Gurdin River. It consists of a few cabins, the 'Common Room' and a barracks for a road marshal's patrol. The Hamlet is protected by an earthen rampart and ditch that was constructed by Count Rudy using a Lyre of Building. Recently a small stone wall has been added to the top of the rampart making it even more secure.There is a ‘gardened’ area around the village, they include well tended and maintained radish and cabbage beds as well as wolfberry and cloudberry patches. At night the compound is guarded by two large dogs.

1 Avron Fisher is a fisherman! He uses a boat to move up and down the river, even into Lake Tuskwater itself. He uses nets to take shoals of the small fish known as silver grunters, traps for eels and rod and line for trout, pike and other larger fish. The eels are normally smoked to serve as winter rations, while grunters are pickled in their own juices. Old Arvon is a bit of a loner, he loves being on the water and is happy to spend all day alone in his boat

2 The Tanners Raimo Tanner smokes the eels, pickles the grunters and plucks the game, as well as making strips of eel hide out of the eel skins. Mila Tanner cooks meals for the community, brews hooch and small beer and preserves the fruit. She also patches clothes when needed. They are reticent about why they are so far out in the wilds, but Mrs Tanner has a much posher accent than her husband. Mila Tanner is a follower of Gozreh - although she isn't all that religious..

Theis son, Tig, was a ‘scamp’ - he ran away and was captured by Lizard men, and kept a small menagerie as a hobby. His favourites were a young giant centipede and a weasel that he wants to put down his trousers. He was taken under the wing of a local druid for training.

GM Note:

3 Work Hut Is really just an open hut that is used as a work space by the community. It is generally filled with food and other things that are being preserved one way or another. Smoked Eels, Pickled Grunters, Dried Berries and eel hide that is being steeped in a ‘special’ mixture that only Raimo Tanner understands.

4 The Sawyers Karl Sawyer is a jobbing carpenter. He is responsible for most of the new building work here, although he also makes simple pieces of furniture and small wooden items for sale. Ruta Sawyer grew up on a farm and now oversees the fields here. She understands enough about crops and the soil to concentrate on the crops that like the local conditions and grow easily here. Charlie Sawyer, their son, is a guardsman in Horcroft.

5 The Hunters Besh is a Male half-orc trapper who works the local river banks, mainly for eels and small game. He has two daughters, Snaga(20) works in the fields and Ush( 19) works in The Common Room helping out with the cooking and general work. Occasionally Snaga goes out on hunting trips with Besh instead of her normal work. The family has two large dogs, one of which stays with each of the girls during the day and guards the compound over night.

6 The Storage Shed is used to as a place to store provisions against the winter, however, it can serve as a second working area as well. Depending on the season, there may be a barrel of pickled radishes, salted cabbage or smoked eel, a big basket of dried cloudberry or an urn of wolfberry hooch.

7 The Common Room is one large room that serves as a communal living area. The community eat their meals here, hold meetings here and socialise here. It has an indoor fireplace that is used to cook their food and prepare preserves or pickles. However, it also serves as a stopping point for travellers to and from Horcroft. For a small fee, visitors can join the community for dinner and then sleep on the floor of the large room. (Treat it as an Ale House)

8 Animal Shed an open fronted shed that is big enough for four horses. Normally there is a single light horse (that belongs to the barracks) and a mule (that belongs to the Sawyers) quartered here.

9 Barracks Girdinford Barracks is a typical country barracks under the command of Sergeant Commandant Eli Waden.

Totals Stability +1 Economy +1 Loyalty +1 Defense Mod +6 Income 0
The Common Room (Ale House) +1 +4
The Barracks +1 +2
Walls +4

A hamlet can only have four building plots. To develop the settlement further required clearing the area and starting a village.

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