Gnome Ferry

A meeting of rivers - The Shrike (from Candlemere) joins the Little Sellen here and together they flow on to meet up with the other branches of The Sellen and onwards to the sea. There is an old Ferry Station on the banks of the river, bur the few remaining buildings look old, empty and uncared for – doors and windows are missing, roofs are falling in and there is graffiti (drawing, signs and words, in both draconic and common ) on some of the walls.

The one exception is a round hut down by the quayside that looks as if someone has been keeping it up, although there appear to be a mixture of hut building styles. There is a doorway (but no door) and a couple of small slit windows that let a bit of light in and a hard packed floor – but nothing else. A sign on the outside says ‘For our Customers’ Comfort’. The Quay itself seems to be in a reasonable condition – although like the hut, the building styles don’t seem consistent.

Out in the river, there is a sizable raft – built up at one end with a ramshackle series of mis-matched cabins and decks - all sized for small people. Right at the top is a, sort of, roof garden - with plants in baskets and troughs overflowing down towards the water. There are even sconces to hold night time torches, and it looks like it can be lit up like a Christmas tree if its occupants choose. An everlasting torch burns like a beacon from the top-most deck.

Aboard the ferry you can see a few Halflings tending to the plants, clambering across the structures or just fishing from the sides of the raft. However, the captain a Female Gnome with bright blue hair and pale green skin called Jaig. She negotiates a fee (starting off at 1gp per head) to travel on her wondrous river cross machine. However she will reduce the price especially if she is offered food and drink (or anything interesting/ different) as part of the price.

The raft is armed with four Large Heavy repeating Xbows, on the upper decks, which have seats and are mounted on Gimballs (Like a WWII AA gun). They can be used to cover the decks and the shore stations – Each has a crew of two Halflings who are skilled in their use. Rumour has it they have exploding bolts that they will use in an emergency

Using a clever system of ropes, chains and pulleys, the ferry-raft can be hauled up to the Northern Shore of the Little Sellen / Shrike where your ferry station is. When the ropes are released they drift down into the middle of the Little Sellen and the use large steering rudders to use the current to carry them to either the eastern or western bank of the Little Sellen. On each bank, there are similar quays to the one you embarked from.

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