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I'm sorry for the delay in posting this.
I had drafted this, but just hadn't got around to posting it.


I see him settling down and marrying Rosie; with lots of children.
No large development of Silverstep; just farms and fishing.
He has had enough of adventuring and travelling.


No marriage for him yet; just a series of mistresses.
If any children should appear, they are encouraged to leave. They will be given an income to live on for 16 years.
The first child he will acknowledge as heir, but when he marries in 15-20 years the first issue will be the heir.
Any other children he will acknowledge if they should return.

I see him building a more suitable Elven dwelling a few miles from White Castle

Development of the region will be heavily discouraged. Artisans and craftsman would be encouraged to set up a schools.

The tower in White Castle would be converted to staff quarters.

Cassandra is happy with the name Tatiana, but, for her first daughter she will suggest Flavia.

Re: Cassandra by CelticAriCelticAri, 22 Oct 2014 20:55

Married in Year 2 - first daughter in year 3, second daughter in Year 6.

Tiberious wants to call them Augusta and Tatiana.

Re: Cassandra by JohnBJohnB, 22 Oct 2014 20:05

Tiberius is pretty much what it says on the tin - a nice guy a minor noble from a family who worship Sarenrae as their primary deity (although they aren't fanatics), who has seen some of the world.

If marriage after a couple of years - I need 8 d6 rolls - plus your preferred shedule for having children and if you are going to use magic to help keep to your timetable. (I am sure there are appropriate potions /spells for female casters that can be purchased / researched fairly easily) I understand that you will use herbs / potions etc to restrict the number of children you have after your target number.

Re: Cassandra by JohnBJohnB, 20 Oct 2014 20:38

Cassandra is mildly surprised at the wide range of suitors.

  • From the information and scuttlebutt that she's heard about Henry Surtova, she will firmly, but politely, tell him thanks, but no thanks.
  • She will gently let down Duldras Nutil, explaining that she isn't a very religious person and therefore doesn't feel that they would be a good match.
  • Cassandra will also politely decline Randulf Cancellar, even though she feels that he would be able to help Skywatch grow.
  • Unfortunately for Symon Vastel, he reminds Cassandra too much of Rudy and she will politely decline him as well.
  • Cassandra will encourage Tiberius Zey-dor-Aldori, but will want to get to know him better before agreeing to any marriage offer. :)
Re: Cassandra by CelticAriCelticAri, 17 Oct 2014 17:39

Marian for Rudy's mother.
Elberta for the second girl
Paul for the first boy
Charles for the second boy
Sandra for the last girl

Re: Rudy by kestersherokestershero, 16 Oct 2014 21:29

I had written down in my notes

so a 1 or a 2 = pregnant. Year after a pregnancy chances fall to 1-6.

That was based on the percentages given in the old Netbook of Sex - and assumes that you were trying for children. Mind you - I really can't see Tamary going for the five children that would result from those rolls actually - I can see that as good historic childbearing form! However, I think after that she started taking the herbs … Using the traditional High Low method children were born in the order -

Girl, Girl, Boy, Boy, Girl.

Do you have any preferences for names that you would like to discuss with Tamary?

Re: Rudy by JohnBJohnB, 16 Oct 2014 20:48

Robert has three goals, he wishes to ensure New Haven remains stable, to expand the power of his Goddess and to participate in the crusade by the World Wound. He will also be willing to help Cassandra with any magical experiments required.

Re: Robert by kestersherokestershero, 16 Oct 2014 20:20

Rudy thinks Symon is Cassandra's best option (sounds by far the most fun).

Numbers 5, 1, 1, 1, 5, 3, 2, 6, 2, 2

Rudy is going to be enjoying the next decade as much as possible, spending time with his wife, friends, palace, acting as a patron of the arts and touring with his theatre company. He will probably want to fill the role of diplomat as much as possible (at least when New Haven wants to go somewhere interesting). Rudy's main drinking buddies will be Ox, Larren, Kesten and Dabba. He will be leaving Charles to do as much of the day to day running of New Haven as his father in law and Tamary will let him get away with.

Rudy will definitely want one of the magic carpets and will be buzzing around New Haven with Helga as his guard, he is very keen to visit Cadens feasting hall so will definitely investigate any rumours of its appearance.

Cassandra and Robert will probably get visited in Skywatch as Rudy is likely to be interested in exploring the site for any interesting works of art.

Re: Rudy by kestersherokestershero, 16 Oct 2014 20:15

Ox Marries in Year 4 (4 years after the fight with Choral the dracolich)
Melinda Smith (daughter of Atem Smith Master smith of Horcroft)

Child in year 5 (Girl – Cassie)
Child in year 6 (Boy – Rudolph)

Re: Ox by JohnBJohnB, 13 Oct 2014 20:55

Cassandra has a number of suitors over the first couple of years …. These are the most significant

Henry Surtova – Human: Tall, Well built, Blonde hair – 2nd cousin to The New Lord.
Well Educated: Knowledge (Engineering) +9, (Geography) +7, (Nobility) +9,
A bit rash, but able to talk his way out of the worst excesses.

His anecdotes revolve around building projects in Port Ice and New Stetven - and the fascinating differences between the building techniques required. He has also travelled to The Garress and Orlovsky strongholds. He doesn't dance.

Duldras Nutil – ½ Orc: Thin spindly looking, greasy hair A gorumite Priest from New Stetven.
Education: Knowledge(Religion).
Never on time, always doing something important, moody.

He doesn't have much conversation or many stories, but they are all fairly gory tales of battle and conflict. Normally with Duldras there as an observer. When he dances he tends to mis-remember the steps or try something new.

Randulf Cancellar - Human - Son of a Merchant from New Steven –
Good Conversationalist, well travelled.
Knows trade Goods and their Value
Knows a number of languages - probably brings money.

Prosaic stories concerning the price of goods and how moving them from one place to another makes a profit. He has been to Horcroft, Pitax, Restov, Port Slough, Port Ice and even out on the lake of mist and veils. Not overly interested in the finer points of conversation and is a flat footed dancer. He is always expensively dressed and has fine jewellery.

Tiberius Zeydor-Aldori – Human Average Height, Brown hair.
Military Officer from Zoraz (The Mivonese Aldori in New Haven)
Skilled Leader and Soldier – and can negotiate a contract.
Articulate, with a reasonable education (Geography+6, History +6, Nobility +6)
Speaks a few languages.

His stories deal with conflict as a mercenary - and an inner angst if they find themselves on the wrong side. But he has lead units of caravan Guards and Ships marines. He has travelled to various places along the Sellen and even been to the new Vale Trade path and tells tales of all the rose bushes there. He is graceful and can dance well enough,

Symon Vastel from Pitax – ½ Elf
He was worked for the Vascaris and the Riversong Trade House
Took part in the battles of Pitax, some education.
Ready grin, good singing voice. People like him but he has never settled down.

He tells stories of travelling up and down the River Sellen, fights with bandits and pirates. Big gambling wins, followed by parties and gifts. He can dance and play the lute. You can imagine him leaping over a wall, and past a guard to serenade you at your window.

Re: Cassandra by JohnBJohnB, 13 Oct 2014 20:37

OK - I have done the maths :) So to cover the next 10 years I need 10 d6 rolls for Tamary to see if she falls pregnant. (no, you can't take 20) :)

Re: Rudy by JohnBJohnB, 13 Oct 2014 18:35

Lord Numesti will declare Kisandra as heir to Port Slough

Tig and Galine have grown up and have a thing for each other. They are the next generation ….

In other news ... by JohnBJohnB, 12 Oct 2014 13:39

All Ox ever wanted was to be a soldier. And he is! he is the most important soldier in New haven (and technically speaking probably the best soldier in the whole of Greater Brevoy)

he is not interested in political appointments and is to happy stay playing with the army.

At some point he will settle down, marry and build a minor dynasty based on his title of Lord Candlemere.

Ox by JohnBJohnB, 12 Oct 2014 13:36

Hebrin has the 'Frontier Town' of Silverstep. He was initially written as a bit of a rough and ready nature based personality - who didn't want to see heavy developments and urbanisation. However, his views might have changed over the course of his adventures.

left to me, he would be happy to stay settled in the frontier town, and would want to keep it like that. If he is made to look after the 'East' he will do so - but it is an extra. He is liable to appoint Ska Varn as his deputy and assign the military patrols etc to her. Then go tot council meetings he has to …

However, these things are Dave's decisions.

Hebrin by JohnBJohnB, 12 Oct 2014 13:34

Larran oversees a wilderness domain in the Narlewood. It can be developed - although too much civilisation would be frowned on by many of the inhabitants.

That said, there are still a number of ways it can be developed or White Castle made more homely. Larran could marry, or he might just have a succession of lovers - and recognise some of all of those children - if he decided that he wanted an heir. He will need an heir if he wants to build a dynasty.

However, he could equally decide to start importing a few elves and stock White castle as an Elven settlement. However, that would mean you need to think about what you are going to do with the troops currently based at White Castle.

Larran by JohnBJohnB, 12 Oct 2014 13:30

Robert has the Abbey at Wyvernstone. That is about as big as it can get as a single 'building / organisation' and is already one of the most significant religious organisations in Greater Brevoy. The town can be developed further if you want.

There needs to be some plan of succession - As it stands the Abbey reverts to the church of Iomedae on Roberts death - and so does a chunk of Robert's personal fortune - although I suspect that some elements are tied up in ways that they devolve to the state instead.

I suspect Pitax law would not look favourably on one of their trade houses being part owned by a LG church.

Robert by JohnBJohnB, 12 Oct 2014 13:25

Rudy already has a wife …

So, reading between the lines of Greg's comments on Saturday evening. Rudy wants children, a bigger palace, and to go touring with his travelling show when ever he might have to touch a baby or do some work?

Rudy by JohnBJohnB, 12 Oct 2014 13:20

Cassandra has claimed Skywatch - and even though it is currently deserted has negotiated it a seat on the Greater Brevoy council - at the expense of a seat representing Newhaven.

So far she has said that she wants to move her Tor Watch entourage to Sktwatch (along with telescopes and the other items she has claimed. The long term intention is to turn Skywatch into an Observatory and magical research centre (the Academy in Newhaven is mainly none [arcane] magical).

Thoughts that come to mind ….

The trade mission in Mivon and the diplomatic centre in Pitax need to transfer from Cassandra's leadership count to a new 'Chief Diplomat' (I an sure I can find you an NPC if you can't think of someone)

Cassandra will still retain her interest in the Pitax Trade House (as that was awarded to you guys personally)

She still keeps her titles within the New Haven Aristocracy - and her house in Horcroft. She could keep the title Lady of the Tors and her secondary stronghold at Tor Watch (although Ari has spoken about handing that over - technically she needn't)

She should (probably) retain her income from New Haven - and certainly some from the trading ships you were given as gifts.

I will give more thought to Skywatch later.

Cassandra needs to decide whether she wants to marry ( just have babies or none of the above - all are acceptable) - There will certainly be suitors from various minor nobles turning up an knocking on her door now that she is the proud owner of an independent City State (even if it is impoverished and falling down)

Jenny applies for a job as an apprentice.

Cassandra by JohnBJohnB, 12 Oct 2014 13:17

This thread allows you guys to think about how you want your characters to develop in the 'They all lived happily ever after' stage of the adventure.

You have built your land, defended it against human and fey aggressors, then taken it all a step further - saved the region for slavery to the DracoLich and then negotiated a final peace that leaves you with Greater Brevoy - Issia, Rostland and new haven - not to mention the city states of New Stetven and Skywatch. Not only do you rule your own lands - but you have a serious input to the Greater Brevoy council, influence in Pitax and allies in Mivon. You lands are safe ….

So ….

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