Port Slough

Lord Terrion Numesti runs Port Slough, ably supported by Lady Parevain Khavortorov.

However, there are Boggards in the swamps, Tiger Lord Barbarians to the North West and bandits to the South West. So there has been little development beyond the corridor that connects Port Slough to the rest of New Haven. Merchant ships from New Stetven can make it down to Port Slough, although they are advised to carry a good complement of marines.

The castle dominates the town from its position on a small hill, and is home to Lord Numesti, his family and government. It is also home to the Slough Company (Known as Lord Numesti's Own) of medium footmen. Lady Parevain Khavortorov has offices and quarters in the outer ward.

A barracks in the middle of town provides a base for the watch and patrol, and acts as an office for the harbour master. A wall surrounds the town, and with two gates controlling access from the landward side. A watchtower, built into the wall, Houses The Slough Company of the Horcroft foot.

There is a temple to Erastil and a shrine dedicated to Hanspur the River Spirit. A priestess of Calistria runs a well respected gambling house (and house of pleasure) in the middle of town.

There is a stable and smithy, a wine merchant and a general store. The Iron Spire Inn provides decent accommodation, while the Soup 'n Kettle concentrate on 'home cooking' supported by some basic accommodation.


Totals Stability +8 Economy +16 Loyalty +8 Defense Mod 18 Population 2125
The Castle +2 +2 +2 +9 500
Watch Tower +1 +3 125
Barracks +1 +2 125
Town Walls +4 0
Iron Spire Inn +3 +1 125
Soup n Kettle +2 +1 125
Velvet Corner +1 +1 125
Hanspur (Shrine) +1 +1 125
Temple (Erastil) +2 +2 +1 250
Stable +1 +1 125
Smithy +1 +1 125
Wine Merchant (shop) +1 125
General Store (shop) +1 125
Piers +1 +1 125

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