Elkwall is a shrine to Erastil that is named for the large Elk Head carved into the rock face above it. As well as the Elk Head carving, there is a well maintained pool of pure water surrounded by a small flagstone plaza and a set of formal steps leading up to a series of caves inside the rocky outcrop that forms the body of the shrine. Formal services are few and far between, but are generally celebrated underneath the Elks Head carving, on the flagstones around the pool. The trees and bushes around the plaza are hung with small tokens of Erastil placed there by passing worshippers. These tokens might include elk horns, arrows, or simple drawings of an elk headed man, an elk horn bow or something similar.

However, while Elkwall is a focus for the worship of Erastil, it serves a secondary purpose as well. Elkwall serves as a safe haven and stopping off point for travellers, within the northern Narlmarches. There is always a bed and a meal for travellers, along with advice and knowledge of the local area. That is where the tokens that decorate the boundary come from, as they are small acts of recognition (or worship) by the travellers who pass through. In reality the bed it little more than a stuffed mattress on the floor and the meal is whatever the priests are eating tonight - but it is indoors and there is company. There is no fee for staying here, but it is understood that guests normally make a contribution of some sort. It might be game, a fur, spare blankets or cash but what ever a guest has and can pass on is acceptable.

Jhod Kavken, the High Priest of Newhaven is the principle cleric of Elkwall, although he may well be away from home as he carries out his wider duties.

Rhodri Romov is the assistant priest. He is a druid and may well be out and about in the local area.

Todor Ferapont (the deacon) is an Adept who stays at home and looks after the day to day running of the shrine. He and his wife are the primary hosts when people come to stay. Todor is in his early 40s.

Elsa Ferapont is Todor’s wife. She does the cooking and cleaning and is generally in charge of the living space behind the shrine. Elsa is in her late 30s. Todor and Elsa have a son (Ivan) who serves as a military chaplain.

Totals Stability 0 Economy +1 Loyalty +1 Defense Mod 0 Income 0
Shrine +1 +1
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