Country Barracks

A Country Barracks (such as you might find in Gurdinford, Wyvernstone Bridge or Nettles Crossing) serves as a permanent base for the patrol Marshals who are located in the area. While there are a few resident troops to secure the barracks and operate local patrols, they are not really intended to be a town watch. However, they will add to the defence of a village or town, if it comes under attack. While they will support the local mayor / ruler - they are not policemen.

A country barracks normally has the following complement of staff.

1x Sergeant Commandant
3x Guardsmen (Light Foot for local patrols)
3x Marshals (Light foot for longer distance patrols)
1x Messenger (Mounted Foot ready to carry messages)
2x Auxiliary Marshals (Repair local roads / bridges etc)
1x Auxiliary Guardsmen (Cook / store man)

It also serves as a base for another nine (or so) Marshals who are either out on patrol somewhere, or taking a well deserved break.

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