Clan Golka

Clan Golka were the Dwarven Clan who held Highdelve, a stronghold that was ‘lost’ to severe earthquakes about ten years ago

People: Torval Golka, son of the lost clan –chief, has been named as the heir to House Garess.

History: The Golka have been here for years - well before the predecessors of any of the current ‘Noble Houses’ came to the areas. They worked significant mines under the Goloshkin mountains.

Now: There are just a few Golka left. There are few with House Garess, a few in Brunderton and a few in the new colonies – but no where near enough to be considered significant any more. There are few up in the hills still, looking for an entrance to the mines and whatever else might be down there.

Colonies: Dabur Golka, a travelling bard, has settled down and holds office in Newhaven.

It is rumoured that Torval Golka is already diverting funds from House Garess to the search for the Golka Clanhold. The are also rumours of a planned coup when the current Lord Garess passes the title on.

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