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Brevoy was forged by Choral the Conquerer from Issia, a land of tribal warlords in the north, the Aldori settlements of Rostland and the pioneers to their west. Over the years it has been held together by the iron hand of House Rogarvia, Choral’s descendents. Ten years ago, however, House Rogarvia disappeared - or at least the bulk of it who could trace their ancestry directly back to Choral the Conqueror did. Into that vacuum stepped House Surtova, taking control of New Stetven(the Capital) and much of the surround lands.

But now all the old tensions are coming to a head, and everyone wants their share of the cake.

New Stetven is the Capital City, once the stronghold of House Rogarvia it is now controlled by House Surtova.

Port Ice is the home of House Surtova
Greyhaven is the home of House Garess
Winterbreak is the home of House Lodovka
Siverhall is the home House Lebeda
Stoneclimb is the home of House Medvyed
Eagles Watch is the home of House Orlovsy

Skywatch was the second stronghold of House Rogarvia, it sealed itself on the night they disappeared.
Highdelve was the home of Clan Golka. All contact was lost after a series of severe earthquakes.

Restov is an independent city in the south.
Brunderton is an independent Dwarven haven in eastern Rostland

The Rostland Plains were once the domain of the Aldori Sword Lords, but was lost to House House Rogarvia. Since The Vanishing they have been trying to recover their old lands. However, House Surtova also claim those lands …
The Stetven River is a stronghold for the Khavortorov Family, a warlike Aldori house who found favour under House Rogarvia.
The Gronzi Forest was technically part of House Rogarvia lands, but they never really tamed it. The forest is currently menaced by a bandit chieftain known as Duma the Sly, who raids merchants, travellers, and tax-collectors. The extreme souther part holds the few remaining strongholds of the rump of House Rogarvia.

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