Served by the Mug (normally about 1 pint)

  • Grog – The cheapest of drinks, in these climes, Grog is generally made by mixing ale, hooch and a lot of cold Herb tea. It tastes ‘Tinny’ and is not very strong at about 2% abv.
  • Small Ale – a very watery tasting ale – it is actually a second (and subsequent) brewing of traditional ales. Not very strong at all about 2% abv..
  • Ale – Traditional pale brown ale, flavoursome and about 4% abv.
  • Stout – very dark ale with a foamy head and rich taste which is favoured by Dwarves. It is about 4% abv.
  • Strong Ale – Rich brown colour and nutty taste, that is about 6% abv.
  • Cider - Yellow with green overtones, tastes strongly of apples and about 6% abv.

Served by the Cup (about ¼ pt)

  • Tea – Boiled water with herbs to give it flavour. It tastes, vaguely, of mild onions.
  • Hooch - made from Blue Wolf Berries and even has a blue tinge and a tinny flavour. Think of cheap white wine …. About 10% abv.
  • Wine – a pale pinkish wine imported in barrels from Pitax – nothing special but a decent table wine at about 11% abv.
  • Mead – a semi sweet golden liquid made from honey, often imported, it is about 12% abv.

Served by the Shot (a small measure in the bottom of a cup)

  • Blue Jack – the local liquor where Blue Wolf berry hooch is freeze distilled to make it a stronger, smoother drink. It still has a pale blue colour, a tinny flavour and is about 20% abv.
  • Plum Schnaps – properly distilled plum liquor, clear and strong. 30-40% abv.
  • Imported Spirits - Whiskey made from grains, Calvados made from apples, and Aqua Fira made from roots.
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