Bridges and walkways lead out across the swampy ground, leading out to solid platforms built on stilts.

1) The Barracks - Two linked platforms on the northern side of the village holds the villages guards. One platform holds sleeping quarters while the other roundhouse serves as both an office and communal living accommodation. Some of the patrolmen here use boats to patrol the local swamp, others patrol the local woodlands and plains on foot. Others maintain a watch over the village and look after the barracks.

2) The Great Eel - is a large round house with a eel like pattern woven into the fabric of the walls which serves as both an ale house and a trading post. It sells simple bottled ales and wine, as well as basic food (such as grilled fish, fish stew and baked eel) and visitors can stay overnight for a small fee. However, it is also the hub of the community and serves as a meeting room, chapel and anything else that is required. You can also buy and sell minor items (up to 1 gp in value). There are even a few Boggards and the occasional Bog Strider come to trade.

3)The Quay - is little more than a platform built out over the water - but it is big enough for keel boats to come alongside, and it makes a good base for the local fishermen and swamp rats to do business.

The Villagers - Most of the villagers make their living from the swamp. there are eel fishermen, people who collect reeds for thatching and building, crab catchers, dragon fly hunters and folks of similar employment.

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