Week 98b - The Treaty of New Stetven

Back on the plains outside New Stetven there was a bit of a stand off. Not between the Armies (although there were a lot of troops around still) but between the leaders.

The Old Lords were arguing for the status quo, but they were weakened and none of them could agree on who should be king. The Wannabes were arguing that they should be counted as lords as well, and should have a say in the running of the land. The Watchers from New Stetven were not saying much but were making it very clear that they wanted to be in control of their own destiny. And then there were The Party representing New Haven – who couldn’t make up their mind whether they should be classed as part of Brevoy or not. And, of course there were interested parties from the Nomen Centaurs, Pitax and Mivon watching with interest.

There was much discussion before a compromise that suited every one was agreed. Greater Brevoy would consist of Three states (Issia, Rostland and New Haven) and two independent city states (New Stetven and Skywatch)

Issia would go back to pre conquest days and be lead by Duke Domani Surtova and would consist of Houses Garess, Lodkova, Medvyed, Orlovsky, Lebeda and Golka.

Rostland would be lead by Baroness Jamandi Aldori, and would include House Khavortorov as well as the free regions of Restov, Brunderton and South Gronzi.

New Haven would be lead by Count Rudy of Horcroft and would include Lord Numesti of Port Slough, Lord Abbot Robert of Wyvernstone, Lord Larran of the Narlemarche, and Lord Hebrin of Silverstep. Lord Ox gave up a claim to a political position and Lady Cassandra conceded her rights in New Haven to take control of Skywatch.

The Independent City States would include

New Stetven lead by the Lord mayor and supported by Lady Della Ryan (Commander of the Crown Knights of Issia), Odis Raymundo (High Priest of Gorum) and First Sword Knight Anarrow (of the Temple of Iomedae). The Crown Knights of Issia would be renamed the Knights or Greater Brevoy and would act as an independent arbiter / enforcer.

Skywatch under Dame Cassandra of Skywatch.

Each of the named individuals (or offices) would have a hereditary position on the council of Greater Brevoy which would meet in the old Ruby Palace in New Stetven and whose officers would mange the broader business of the federation. However, each of the States was to be considered as an autonomous state with its own local laws and customs.

The Old Lords -
Lord Domani Surtova, (uncle to King Noleski who had claimed the leadership), Lord Howlan Garess (recently reunited with his son), Lord Kozek Lodovka (from his island base on the Lake Of Mists And Veils), Lord Gurev Medvyed (who loves to hunt, ride, and feast with his men), Lord Poul Orlovsky (who is a bit of a stickler for the rules) and Lord Lander Lebeda (recently come to power with his mother in the background)

The Wannabes -
Lady Jamandi Aldori, (Lays claim to the Rostland Plains), Torval Golka (Dwarf) (representing his newly returned Clan), Duran the Elf (representing the woodsmen from the south Gronzi Forest) Arkza Khavortorov (head of the Khavortorov family), Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius of Restov. (Which still claims its position as a free city.) and The Mayor of Brunderton. (Which wants to be a Free Town.)

The Watchers -
Lady Della Ryan (Commander of the Crown Knights of Issia), Odis Raymundo (High Priest of Gorum), Wilford Mercer (newly appointed Lord Mayor of New Stetven) and First Sword Knight Anarrow –(of the Temple of Iomedae).

The Party.
Count Rudy Orlovsky of Horcrort, Lord Abbot Robert of Wyvernstone, Lord Numesti of Port Slough, Lord Larran of the Narlemarche, Lord General Ox of Newhaven, Cassandra, Lady of the Tors, and Lord Hebrin of Silverstep.

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