Week 98a - The Battle of Skywatch

They spent a night in the camp, refreshed themselves, checked that the Armies of Issia had sorted out the incursion in the Golushkin Mountains and then set off for Skywatch. The plan was for Rudy, Cassandra, Larran, Ox, Hebrin and Robert to teleport directly there to deal with the problem of Choral the DracoLich. Then a troop of the most experienced and veteran fighters, equipped to handle undead, would follow to clean the general area up.

However, there was a surprise for the party when they arrived. A tall, good looking young man, dressed in red trimmed black plate armour, was waiting for them. It only took Robert a moment or two to recognise the symbols of Asmodeus, but the young mans mad no offensive moves - despite the small horns and tail that later became apparent. Instead he just chided them lightly for taking so long, and started to lead them to ‘Him’. As he went, he appeared to be able to snuff the ‘life’ out of various undead with just a flick of his hand.

After some hesitation, they followed, and were lead to a door deep under Skywatch - at which point to young man in the black armour, Just disappeared with a slight ‘pop’.

They discovered Choral, now in the form of an undead Chimera, at the bottom of a stair case, hiding in the shadows of a large circular room. The battle was quite intense but fairly short - and the most memorable moment was when Rudy spotted an invisible man just watching. He casts a silent image over the top, showing the form and structure of the ‘man’ and Robert recognised him as the god Asmodeus himself. Everyone was very careful to ignore and avoid the invisible deity. Well all except Rudy, who got little more than a hard stare and the silent treatment.

Choral was slain again and the soul tracked back to loose-ish piece of masonry, which was promptly prised out of the wall. You could see the sparkle of life deep within the gem - so Robert smashed it with his mace. At which point Asmodeus stepped forward and plucked the soul out of thin air, just like a man catching a fly, and disappeared. Hopefully that was the last anyone would see of either of them.

Choral had a massive treasure horde – which all disappeared into a pair of portable holes for later analysis.

Then as they left the underground chamber, they met the cream of their army - not the high ranking officers, but the veterans and experienced warriors who were sorting out the remaining undead - all under the command of Father Brald from Tor Watch.

Then it was back to New Stetven where the leaders armies would reconvene.

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