Week 96 - War and the Return of The Conqueror

The war started. While the leaders of Newhaven were trying to decide on a plan, the Hill mercenaries attacked their army. The first the leaders heard about it was when messages arrived saying that Leveton was being evacuated because of the fighting. They rushed to the scene and a few high level spells directed at the Hill Men soon had an effect and before long the Brevoy mercenarytroop had broken and were in full retreat.

It wasn’t long after before the spotted the Issian lancers retreating towards New Steven as well. They had been overmatched by the Aldori Sword Lords supoorted by the of Restov Volunteer Troop. And then the centaurs turned up. Not just a few acting as Allies - but almost the whole tribe under the command of Aecora Silverfire herself. They were somber. They hadn’t come to fight the humans, but because they would be needed. The omens had said ….

The leaders started to explore The Omen - but couldn’t get anything from the centaur druid. However, it wasn’t long before they started to feel what she meant. First it was the casters, uncomfortable, prickly huge magics. Then the sky darkened, there was a huge clap of thunder and a massive earthquake followed by small lightning in the clouds. Cassandra flew up to investigate, but changed her mind when she realised that would mean entering the electrical clouds .

They worked out it came from the north, and guessed at Skywatch – but decided to fly around across the new Steven Army before teleporting there. The Brevot army was in some disarray (as was there own army after the earthquake) and New Stetven itself was showing signs of damage with smoke rising from several building fires. Satisfied their army wasn’t going to be attacked while they were away they continued to Skywatch.

They found dark clouds streaming from the top of the tallest tower and an army of undead spilling out from the previously sealed city. Over them flew the largest undead dragon they could ever imagine.

They made a jump to Eagle’s watch to warn the Orlovsky’s and then on to the Garess family stronghold. However, that was in uproar. The earthquake had seriously disturbed the mountains and a rift had opened up – from which came the remains of the Golka clan pursued by a horde or creatures from below. Garess was organising as best he could.

Rudy, Cassandra and Larran went for parley with Surtova, only to witness his kidnap by some sort of ethereal undead creature. However, they managed an arrangement that the Brevoy army would deal with the incursion up by House Garess and that the Southern Alliance would deal with the return of The Conqueror.

Back home to Horcroft to send warning and call as many allies as they could before teleporting back to the army. They discovered the army had pushed up closer to new Steven and been joined by The Khavortorov family, who felt no allegiance to Surtova and the Zeydor-Aldori of Mivon who had earned the right to build in Newhaven by acting as Allies during the Pitax war. This is now the largest army of Sword Lords assembled since the original battle with Chorale the Conqueror! AO top of that, the bandits from the Gronzi Forest had joined them – saying that they were going to claim the South Gronzi as their own lands once Surtova was defeated. They were lead by an ancient elf who had been at the original battles and had been hiding and preparing in the forests for over 200 years! He knew it was time - he knew the Conqueror had not gone completely and he had even guessed at undead after the Rogavaria disappearances. Now he was ready to revenge himself.

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