Week 95 - Back to the real world

They took their time to explore the rest of Nyrissa’s house, and discovered and over grown area full of damaged statues, a library, a ransacked treasure room and an indoor garden.

They soon worked out that the damaged statues were victims of a Flesh to Stone effect - but had then been deliberately damaged. The library gave them an impressive collection of books that are destined for the new academy in Horcroft as well as a collection of poor poetry and notes on the Fable. Using those they were able to work out how to re-jig The Fable entrances so they had four access routes that were more portable and worked in a way that they were happy with. So now the have a their own pocket dimension with four permanent teleport gateways.

In the ransacked treasure room they discovered riches and items that had been overlooked and left behind. One can only wonder what might have been in there before it was ransacked. They also managed to acquire six bridles of Mount Summoning. They can either be carried around or hung in a stable stall, and used once per day, to summon a dead looking horse, whose feet don’t touch the ground and can air-walk. Each mount lasts for up to 20 hours

Then it was back to Horcroft to check on the situation with Brevoy. The Surtovan forces were moving. Keston had the main army deployed close to Leveton, Lord Numesti had a smaller army deployed at Wyvernstone. The Surtovan Black Claw, a semi mercenary company of hill men were camped north of Leveton and the Lebeda house army were deployed across Lebeda lands north of Wyvernstone. Restov was being squeezed by the Issian Lancers - but was mustering its own troops.

As the party were inspecting the troops at Leveton they were disturbed by someone arguing with a guard sergeant …It was, perhaps, one of Rudy’s worst nightmares. The children come back to haunt them: Galine, who had proved so obdurate during her rescue alongside Tamary; Tig, who had been rescued from the Lizard Folks – and who had a penchant for animals of all sorts; Jenny – rescued form Vordakai’s soul jars and now an Orphan but half adopted by Xamanthe the centaur. All three demanded to take part on the upcoming war and to do their bit.

Rudy and Cassandra worked hard to dissuade them, and finally tried forbidding them
altogether - although they realised that wasn’t going to work. It was Breen Sowden, captain of Horse, who came up with the solution and assigned them to support the medical Core from the priory. They moaned, but they accepted it. Eventually Cassandra sent then a magical item each as a gift - deliberately choosing items that would enhance their armour class and thus give them a better chance of survival.

Once that was sorted it was a lightening tour of their allies in Pitax, Mivon and Restov as they tried to drum up support. Charles and Robert were tasked with hiring mercenaries in Jovvox and visiting the centaurs respectively. Finally it was a trip on to see a couple of the leaders of Noble Houses in Brevoy. First House Orlovsky where Rudy was half-expected, recognised and treated with the respect he felt he deserved. And then onto The Golushkin mountains and House Garess, where they weren’t recognised and needed to declare their rank and status before they were taken seriously.

They couldn’t get any firm assurances from either noble house - although they did get the impression that Lord Surtova wasn’t all that popular …

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