Week 94 - Nyrissa and The Fable

Rudy returned after a short while, and tried to talk Larran into lending him Briar for a moment or two. In the end he only managed to get hold of Ox’s sword and disappeared again with that. Then reappeared a few moments later without it – he had left the sword behind when he returned and was sent back for it – which he appeared to managed fairly effortlessly. Eventually he started playing the bagpipes, which fascinated Cassandra (literally) – however, Hebrin realised that Rudy as using magic on them and a short altercation occurred. An un-fascinated Cassandra managed to break the enchantments he was under with a dispel magic. Rudy had been charmed by Nyrissa and a suggestion had sent him to collect Briar for her.

Rudy then used the teleporter bed to take the whole party into the fable. Initially they found themselves in a bed chamber, but later discovered their were three more ‘floors’ bellow in a tree-house like design. The top floor was a well appointed bedchamber, with stairs leading down to a fairly plain circular chamber that holds a statue of Nyrissa. A trap door leads down to the branches of the tree which has a rustic staircase winding down to the ‘garden’ level at the bottom. It is a permanent ‘Bountiful’ demi-plane – with a few extras.

Nyrissa cast spells and managed to dominate Larran, forcing him to drop the special sword – Briar. That made he confident and she believed that she had the upper hand, until Robert used an Anti-magic sphere. They tried to hem her in, but she slipped through their cordon to the trap door and made her way down through the demi-plane tio the garden area – and people started to follow. However, Cassandra tripped and a number of the others (including Robert and the Anti-magic shell) fell on top of her - so Nyrissa had her spells back again.

Then she used the magic of The Fable (the name of her demi-plane) to to move around. As Robert came down the stair, she disappeared - only to re-appear moments later in the bedroom. Where she discovered Cassandra alone. There was a brief exchange of spells, to no real advantage, before she heard Robert coming and disappeared again. Then she was back in the garden, attacking Hebrin.

Eventually they trapped her in the bedroom, and blocked the stairs so she couldn’t escape – and then managed to wear her down with Briar – eventually sending her to where ever Evil Fey go on death.

Through the course of the battle they had discovered all sorts of items linked to their lives and lands. There was the Oculus of Abbadan (which they thought they had destroyed) Ovrinbaane – the artefact great sword that Rudy thought was hanging on the wall of his palace, The Stag Lord’s Helm that had been given to Jhod and well as a Unicorn’s horn that was taken from a dead beast in the Gnarlwood and many other lesser tokens.

Nyrissa had been trying to rip the Stolen Lands (which had become New Haven) out of the real world and trap it in a bottle!

Now they have four artefact level items to deal with – the Sword Briar (which seems to have lost it’s special purpose and irritating voice) The Sword Ovrinbaane which hasn’t lost any of its abilities, the incredibly evil Oculus of Abbadan, and a magic bottle intended to hold The Stolen Lands.

Time to sit down and decide how to progress …

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