Week 93 - Defaced Nymphs

This time they took a couple of days to recover and prepare to meet the defaced nymphs again. However, they took a slight different route this time. The first room the encountered was a beautifully appointed drawing room, the walls lined with various artistic equipment – and a tree growing in the middle of the floor. They drew around, looked at it, decided it was magical and came up with a plan to cut it down - when it suddenly turned into a Defaced Nymph and hit them with its Baleful Gaze attack. Fortunately they had strengthened saving throws and only Hebrin suffered - before the Nymph was sent to whatever afterlife the fey enjoy.

The next room was shrouded in mist – and again they worked out it was magical, Cassandra dispelled the mist only to find it his another of the defaced Nymphs who cast a Flame Strike in retaliation. Cassandra (and a couple of the others) didn’t like that much – and the Nymph was soon dispatched in the same way as her sister from the previous room. Here they discovered Nyrissa’s dress closet – and 40 odd female Royal Outfits disappeared into a portable hole. One particularly attracted Cassandra’s attention – it was black, flecked in white, and really scandalous. Almost sheer the thich slits extended well above the thigh and it was cut low, almost to the waist, both front and back. But it was magical – and powerfully magical as well.

Back into the private Ballroom they had fled previously, to discover a pair of Defaced Nymphs up by the high ceiling – throwing around small area of effect damage spells. But soon they were in combat, although 20 feet in the air, when a third stepped through a door close to Ox. Battle ran back and forth, but eventually the last of the Nymphs were defeated and they were able to explore these chambers. They discovered a dozen small magical cloths, that each held the image of a musical instrument and, in an adjoining room, a bath that automatically filled itself with warm water. Those too went into one of the portable holes for further examination.

However, it was when Rudy went to try and ‘liberate’ the bed that things became interesting. They discovered it had the same strong aura of conjuration that the throne exuded – they had already guessed it was associated with teleportation and this time they decided to experiment. Cassandra and Rudy lay on the bed and started thinking of the throne room. Larran went to the throne and started thinking about bed. Neither worked.

It was only when a stray thought of Tamary, his wife, crossed Rudy’s mind that he suddenly disappeared. And only Rudy knows where he went …

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