Week 92 - Upstairs

They continued up the stairs, to find a grand ballroom, inhabited by a couple of Advanced Barb-tongue Wyverns – who seemed to be fore warned of the party’s approach. They met Rudy on the stairs by standing well back and trying to gab him with their tongues. There wasn't a lot of room for the two large flying creatures to exploit their full manoeuvrability and they quickly got trapped into mêlée combat. Except they took exception when Cassandra cast a fireball at them - as one, they flicked out their tongues and both caught the sorcerer. Dragging her towards them she finished up suspended in mid air upside down … Ox cut through the tongue of one, Larran killed the other and the young sorceress was finally rescued as the second Wyvern was slain a moment or two later.

They found the corridor over the throne room but couldn't get through the door at the far end - so a bored Ox opened a different door and discovered a guest wing full of a bedrooms in pristine condition – and a staircase leading up, to a tower room. Which they soon discovered was home to three Skeletal Devourers who held the trapped souls of some poor departed mortal in their Rib-cage prison. The devourers fought by reaching through their opponents armour and trying to pull away a part of their soul … Each strike the party could feel their souls being devoured, piece by piece .. But the Devourers were no real match for them and were soon destroyed. Then, now there was some peace and quiet, Robert recalled that there was a way to free the souls trapped in the rib-cages – and Rudy could supply the magical effects needed. Sop afterlife brownie points all around …

Then back to the bridge across the throne room, and Hebrin was still struggling with the lock. This time it was Rudy who discovered a secret door and got all excited. However, Hebrin had finally worked the lock out and they were trough to the private chambers beyond. First they discovered a private ballroom, small by regal standards but large by most others. And it was occupied by a beautiful Nymph, whose eyes have been plucked out and has blood running down her cheeks. She is clearly in pain ..

However, she attacked with a silent emanation and everyone close to hand shared her pain and started to feel weaker and less able (Str, Con, Cha drains) – and she had sisters - before long they were under attack from four of these Defaced Nymphs and were suffering enough pain to start becoming clumsy and …

The party gathered themselves together and teleported back to Horcroft, deciding that discretion was the better part of valour. They will return ….

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