Week 91 - The Wriggling Man Pt 2

They got healing from the priests of Pharasma, not as much as they would have liked - but all that the priests in the city could provide quickly, formulated a plan and went straight back.

This time they grabbed the Phantom Steeds from the stables and were more than a match for the Wriggling man as they could fly as handily as he could. First I was Rudy, for he was the one with the glitter dust spell that would make the Wriggling man easier to deal with. Unfortunately, the Wriggling man was prepared and waiting – and poor Rudy was polymorphed into a small dog! He spent the rest of the combat begging for food from which ever character was nearest.

Cassandra got some spell defences up and started casting at the wriggling man. Only to discover that he was immune to most of her spells, while the other went for hand to hand combat. Wriggling Man hit them with a fireball, which dispelled their phantom steeds and gave him back the advantage of flight. However, Robert was air walking, and cast an anti-magic shell which forced the Wriggling Man back into combat. Most of their weapons seems to do little of no damage - all except Larran's sword with somehow maintained its magic.

Then it didn't take long to bring their enemy to his knees, well a swarm of worms actually. Quickly Cassandra fireballed it, and the combat was over.

Then they examined the throne - it emanates a really strong magical aura that Cassandra identified as Conjuration magic. She managed to work out it was some sort of teleporter or portal, but that was all she could get so far. However, they left that where it was as they continued exploring. In a nearby room they discovered a giant water clock that looked like a tree, powered by a water elemental. It was bored and chatty - while it always seemed scared that Nyrissa could hear and see it, it did tell them about the air elementals in the wash-room across the corridor. Bypassing that, they discovered a dressing room full of fancy courtier and Noble outfits, along with an array of mirrors and wardrobes. Even though the designs and patterns were a bit strange, they all went into Rudy’s bag of holding.

They are just about to take the staircase that winds up to the next floor …

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