Week 90 - Some Serious Opposition

The excursion through the house continued. There were a few more Ghost Guards in the servants’ wing, before they found the storage cellar. The Knurly Witch had set up hime here. The party had bypassed her house in the forest clearings, and she had retired here after that. However, in the cramped quarters of the cellar she was not able to use he abilities and was a fairly easy conquest. She summoned an Elemental and a Gorillion but they were both dispatched really quickly and she was forced into toe-to-toe combat. That didn't go well for her – and her body was dragged up to the courtyard, along with piles of stored lumber and burnt, as a defence against her coming back to life.

Then it was further into the house. They found a massive throne room, but then Time seemed to stand still for just a moment – and suddenly there was an Angel in the room demanding that they left, for the house was under the protection of heaven. At the same time they started falling up towards the ceiling and a disembodied plane of force started attacking Rudy.

They struggled to understand why the Angel was sending them away, so they started to withdraw – only for the plane of force to attack Rudy again and the whole party to get caught in a fireball that seemed to come out of thin air. Slowly they started to realise that the Angel had been summonsed and that it was not in control of its destiny – a quick flurry of spells made the Wriggling Man visible – a humanoid shape, carrying a staff and casting spells – but made from what appears to be a swarm of worms.

Combat was fast and furious. The Angel caught them with a Blade Barrier, the Wiggling man hit them with a Chain Lightning, and it was going badly for the party. Fortunately, Rudy managed to Mislead the two into attacking his illusory double while he escaped the room, Robert managed to Heal Larran who was almost dead, and Ox dragged Cassandra from the room, before forcing a potion down her throat.

The next second they had gone, teleported back to Horcroft to lick their wounds an regroup. However, they need to get back quickly enough that the wriggling man doesn't regain all of his spells and abilities as well ….

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