Week 9 - Finding the Stag Lord

They left Oleg’s bound for the Temple of Erastil where they had left Jhod, carrying a few of the household goods they had purchased on his behalf – only to be ambushed as they cross the ford on the Thorn River where the old bandit camp had been.

A minor scything Branch trap nearly caught Hebrin, and a rain of arrows from archers concealed in bushes fell amongst the party. How ever after a bit of falling in the river, smashing down basic defences and climbing around in trees the party prevailed. Even though their horses had been frightened and stampeded by an explosion from behind them. They killed on bandit and the rest fled under the leadership of Kressle, the woman who had initially be in charge of the camp.

Still, they continued onto the temple to deliver the goods, where Jhod the cleric healed up all of their wounds, and they spent a pleasant and safe night. Jhod had already done a lot of work, it was beginning to look like a a proper shrine to Erastil now, he even has a few skins drying on racks and enough food available to provide meals for them.

The next day they went back to the site of the ambush and started to follow the tracks, perhaps seeking a route to the Stag Lord, perhaps just looking to gain revenge o Kressle. However, they were caught in a ‘rolling Logs trap’ when a pile of logs on top of a hill suddenly rolled down on top of them. Fortunately no one was killed, although Ox’s horse was severly injured and needed healing courtesty of Iomedae.

Hebrin investigated the site of the trap and discovered a newly cut rope, there were a number of footprints, but they disappeared as soon as the person entered the underbrush. The party’s best guess is that Kressle was responsible and that she is a ranger who can just fade into the forest …

Still onto make camp close to the big ford that theu know is close to the stag Lord’s fort – although they initially decided to explore the wrong area – however they did find the fort on the second day.

On the banks of a lake the Stag Lord’s Fort is built around some sort of building. Set on a large artificial mound (or at least a mound that has been shaped to suit) with a small packed earth path leading up to the summit. In the middle of a small plateau, there is a palisade with a few buildings, including watch towers, inside. Having established the location – they headed off to the Kobold Caves to try and recruit some extra troops, but didn’t find a lot of enthusiasm for Kobold Canon Fodder in an attack. However, Rudy did manage to exchange a dagger he had found for a sizeable lump of Silver Ore – although the Ore he acquired was not worth the coat of the dagger.

Back to the fort they set up a concealed camp and started to observe the comings and goings. They realised that one of the guards looked a bit like a bandit they had been sent after, called Falgrim Sneeg, that there were two or three guards at a time, and that the guards concentrated on the path rather than the hills side. They also saw a group of bandits enter the fort with a load of loot and other goods.

So they decided on a night assault, hoping they would all be partying, and crept around the back side of the fort to climb the hill away from the main gate. Rudy and Hebrin set off up the hill, only to find that a small group of zombies burst from the ground and started attacking them. It eas disturbing to find the Zombies could shrug off damage from Swords and axes, but the undead were soon dispatched when Robert the Cleric joined them/ Rudy had been severely injured but they decided to press on with the attack on the Fort, even though they knew that someone in the fort had been firing arrows down at them. They got up close to the wall, and Rudy ran up the wall (slippers of climbing) and eventually popped over the top trying to find a place to tie a rope, however, that put him in line of sire for the two archers that were on the closest watch tower. They rope went over the side with Rudy bracing it – but the party got themselves in a pickle as they tried to join him. Then the Archers finally found their mark and a couple of arrows sent Rudy unconscious. Fortunately they had a fly spell they were able to use to collect the (just about alive) body of Rudy from inside the fort, and then they ran for the safety of the hills. Somewhere, out in those hills, is an injured and battered party, desperately hoping they aren’t discovered before they can renew their strength.

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