Week 89 – Into the House.

Now the courtyard was clear the party were able to take a good look around and decided to start with investigating a single story building with double doors. They found a small stable, but were a bit taken aback when a clearly dead and very glum looking horse poked its head over a stall gate. Soon there were six of the beasts, all with insubstantial hooves and already fitted with the lightest of tack. A couple decided to ride then, and Rudy discovered the these phantom steeds could fly as well as run. A fascinating magical stables - but no-one had the time to investigate how the magic worked and if they could ‘purloin’ it.

Then into the house proper, but through a side door. A simple room, with statues of weeping demons, plant life and what looked like a dried up pool. Cassandra’s response was “Plants? Demons? – Fireball” so everything is now a bit charred.

So far they have discovered a mouldy banquet with banqueting noises, a massive telescope (which Cassandra acquired), another room with a ghostly banquet that appears to be being consumed by something and the Lower hall where they fought, and defeated, a number of Fey Assassins.

Currently they are exploring some of the Servants Quarters, which appear to be guarded by a number of Ghostly Guardians.

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