Week 88 - The Biggest Dragon

The bridge had been guarded by a dragon, the gate house by a larger dragon and now they discovered that the courtyard was home to an even larger dragon. Larran’s sword know what it was as soon as it came into view. “ Jabberwock!” it exclaimed, quickly followed by “Let me at it” and ”Killll it!!!!” or “Staaabbb it”.

However the jabberwock burbled, confusing words in a babel of languages, and both Ox and Rudy fell under its confusing spell. Then beams of flame, one from each eye, burned Cassandra and Ox. Robert tried a Flame Strike to discover that kt was immune to fire damage and Hebrin realised that his puny arrows would not penetrate its thick hide.

That left Larran facing it ‘toe to toe’ in melee combat. Although he was damaging the beast, he was coming off worst. Cassandra fled, back to the very rim of the lake, Hebrin was blown off of his feet and climbed along the wall to one of the flanking towers. Eventually Robert got into the combat and managed to distract the beast, taking some of the attacks that would have gone Larran’s way. Suddenly his sword, An intelligent short sword named briar, found a chink in the dragon’s scales and drove in, straight to the creature’s heart. The sword even seemed to be wiggling and squirming as it helped force itself forward, finding the jabberwork’s heart and deliberately cutting and gouging it.

It was enough, more than enough and the jabberwok suddenly fell dead at Larran’s feet. Briar released a scream of exultation and Larran suddenly discovered that it could communicate telepathically. It shared it’s secrets with him - and has given him much to consider. But for now, the House at the End of Time, Nyrissa’s home stand unguarded.

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