Week 87 - Ghosts and another Dragon!

They pressed on across the bridge to eventually spot ghostly forms flickering around the walls of the gatehouse. Larran went in for the fight, but mis-judged the number and soon found himself surrounded by incorporeal assailants, while the others drew up into battle soon afterwards. However, they were hard-pressed, doing little damage to the ghosts, but getting seriously injured by their assailants corrupting touch. Eventually, itit got too much and Robert used a word or recall to whisk himself, Larran and Ox out of the battle. Once the warriors had gone, Cassandra quickly hit the ghosts with a two freezing spheres, one after the other and managed to finish them all off.

While they were waiting the return of the others, Cassandra and Hebrin approached the gatehouse and its portcullis, only to find a large reptilian head staring at them through the bars. It soon spewed forth a cone of earth, rocks and plant material all over them, which suddenly started to take root. They were injured, but managed to escape from the tangling growths that tried to capture and bind them. By that time Robert, Larran and Ox reappeared, in time to see the dragon back away from the gate. Cassandra used reverse gravity to try and smash it down into the floor, but the beast allowed to self to raise and then held position with its wings. Its first action was to turn the bridge they were all standing on to mud, which splattered into the lake beneath them – fortunately most had an ability to fly, although Ox and Hebrin needed recuing before they hit the icy waters. Then the battle joined in earnest, although eventually they managed to defeat the monster without too much damage to themselves. Now the gatehouse was theirs. But there is a large courtyard beyond and there is another looming shape ….

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