Week 86 - Dragon!

Once the threat at home was dealt with, the group tried to teleport back to the gate they had marked as the entrance to Thousandbreaths. However, the act of dragging it from the first world into the material had destroyed the link. Instead they found themselves at the top of a cliff, looking gown on the glades they recognised from the first world. Turning about there was a lake, set into an almost circular mesa, with a stone causeway leading to a strange looking house.

Deciding this was the home of Nyrissa, they started across – and were surprised when a dragon, a small tarn linnorm, burst from the lake and confronted them. The initial blast from its breath weapon covered them in acid, did massive damage and threw them into disarray. It took a few moments for the group to get their act together, but eventually they managed to defeat the linnorm by a combination of magic and physical damage – although not all spells worked on t and only cold iron weapons seemed to do it any real harm.

The gate guardian dealt with, they are now free to approach the house.

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