Week 85 - A Plague of Giants

Having forced Thousandbreaths into the material plane, the party were able to teleport home. Only to hear news that Torwatch was under siege from Ice Giants. So Cassandra teleported everyone there to free her home. She found Pharasma’s Chantry and the Barracks destroyed – and a group of giants taking bets with each other about who could strike the tower with thrown rocks.

The giants discovered that Cassandra’s aim with a fireball was much better than theirs. After the Giants were beaten, the group investigated the remains of a huge ice gravestone that had appeared a short distance away. It had shattered when they dragged Thousandbreaths into the material – it was clearly linked to the frozen boneyard that was home to the four armed ice giant.

Then it was onto to an undeveloped area south of Leveton where a strange growth of spiny bushes had sprung up. They discovered that it was tended by more giants – larger this time, with tusks and a third arm. Again, the battle was soon over, and the growth started shrinking as soon as the giants were defeated.

Then back to Horcroft to recuperate ….

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