Week 84 - A Thousand Screams

The path lead to the Waterfall Grove, with a waterfall cascading through a pair of hands carved from the rock. The Glade was guarded by a mated pair of colossal flying owl bears, which foufght valiantly to defend their homes, before they were defeated.

This time the party decided to follow the river and travel upstream , so they climbed around the waterfall and set off upstream I their folding boat. Only to find that somehow they had got turned around and that they had travelled downstream to the Frozen Graveyard. There were recriminations about sailing and navigation skills, until the realised they hadn’t crossed the ‘hands’ waterfall - so it was related to the magic of Thousand Breaths.

Here they fought a four armed Ice Giant, who proved a tougher opponent than they expected and nearly killed Larran in a single round of combat. However, one heal scroll and a lot of difficult combat later, the party were victorious and the ice giant fell. There was a massive scream, almost like a thousand voices screaming at once, as the Ice Giant fell and it felt like the land shuddered. They climbed the rickety tower in the Graveyard and realised they could see all the way up to Nyrissa’s castle, then they set of towards The Spire they could see in the distance.

The Spire was much larger than they thought, almost a mile high, and (when it swooped down to attack) they discovered that the bird sitting on top of it was the size of a Roc. In fact it was the Nightmare Rook whom Rudy had defeated once in his dreams - but this time it was here in flesh and blood. Most of the party managed to swallow their fear and face the Rook in combat but Rudy ran - and was singled out as a target by the rook, who swooped down and grabbed him. Then the rook set off over the trees carrying Rudy with him. Larran and Robert set off in pursuit, but the rook was leaving them behind. It was only when Cassandra took the form of an air elemental and took up the chase that the rook was caught. It dropped Rudy from 100 feet up and turned to fight. This allowed Robert and Larran to join the fight and the rook was defeated. However, Larran’s new sword, which has turned out be an intelligent sword, discovered its voice and kept urging Larran into the fight and then telling him how much better he could have done.

But the sword was also able to tell them that they had succeeded in dragging Thousand Breaths out of the First World and into the Prime Material.

Still in The Spire’s glade, they are thinking about the approach they should take now that Nyrissa, and her sanctuary, has been forced into the real world.

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