Week 83 - Into the First World

Filled with determination the party continued with their original plan, and teleported to Littleton and then by boat upriver towards the Castle of Knives. The journey was fairly uneventful, except for a few minor encounters that were easily dealt with.

They were expecting to find a ruin, but discovered a magical castle, all different angles and colours, surrounded by a wrought iron fence. All accessed by an iron gate depicting two beautiful women holding swords aloft. Wary as always, they went over the wall using magic and explored the castle for a while - eventually realising that it was all a sophisticated illusion, and the only part that was real was the gate - and that housed some sort of portal. They guessed it was the route to Nyrissa and took the plunge.

To find themselves transported to Nyrissa’s part of the first world. It was a strange place, the forest seemed to be alive with strange eyes and voices and it was locked into sunset. The very first path they had to follow, seemed to lure and confuse them, and Hebrin finished up gibbering and trying toi stab both himself and Robert. That was dealt with fairly quickly, and they pushed up to find a whirling lake replete with black swans, that was reminiscent of the first attack on their lands. Only this one was guarded by four lightning ents – living trees who appeared to have been struck by lightning, and absorbed the power of the storms. That was a tough battle but before long they realised that these ‘dead’ trees were immune to fire and that lightning helped them heal - so they used physical violence and cold based spells to defeat them.

Then the suddenly remembered Zudigger’s Picnic, read through oit and discovered the map at the back. They used that to ‘guess’ where Nyrissa would be found and set off along the quickest route. That took them to a orchard full of mandagora, which they tried to run from - but another confusing path meant they were caught up. This time, however, the mandagora formed into a colossal compound creature and attacked. They remembered they should use fire spells, and this colossus was susceptible to weapon damage (which the earlier mandagora swarms were not) so it was much easy to defeat. Now they are heading up the path again, desperate to get to Nyrissa before she launches more attacks on their kingdom.

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