Week 82 - The Horned Hunt

After a bit of research and a short discussion, the party decided to go straight to the source of the problem and invade the First World, or at least Nyrissa’s part of it, in an attempt to stop these strange attacks on their land. They has decided that The castle of Knives, hidden deep within the forest of Thousand Breaths was their best bet for getting there and set off, first to teleport to Littleton (where they had bested a flight of Wyvern and met Illora) and then upriver by boat.

However, when they got to Littleton they discovered that it had been attacked again, this time by two headed giants! They found a few injured survivors, healed them up and then questioned them. Then attachk had happened a day ago and , although they hadn’t understood much of what the giants had said, the survivors had picked out the words Port Slough, and the giants had certainly set off in an easterly direction. A quick look at the map showed that their new settlement Southmarch was on an almost direct line between Littleton and Port Slough – so they teleported there and warned Keston to arrange defences. Using the scouts from Southmarch they soon located the giants (actually Ettins) and launched into an attack.

Ox was first into the attack, and discovered that the Ettins were led by a Satyr with a long bow – and that each of his arrows packed a real punch. However, once it became clear that Larran was carrying THAT sword – the attacks switched to him, and the both the arrows and the Ettins homed in on him. That is until Cassandra made the mistake of fireballing the Satyr – and she became the target for his next round of arrows - four of which struck home and shook her to the core. Suddenly she went into defensive mode and concentrated on staying out of sight, while the others finished the battle off.

As the satyr fell, still trying to get the sword from Larran, the elf felt a huge wave of satisfaction sweep over him and the handle of his sword seemed to pulse warmly in his grip.

A trip back to Southmarch to send out warnings to Pitax and their own administration – and they set about analysing the equipment they had taken from the satyr. Not even the magic bracers that aided and archer, the highly magical long bow or even his magical leather armour added together were equal to the helmet that he wore, which allowed him to teleport. Had he got his hands on the sword, he would have been able to evade them easily!

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