Week 80 - Mouldy Old Fey

All sorts of people were asked for advice – Charles and Peter the Librarian as well as the Nymph and the Dryad that live in The Narlemarches. They confirmed that the event was linked to Nyrissa and that the black swans corpse was some how linked to the First World. When he examined it Peter felt that there were similarities between the body of the swan and the Book of the Dead that allow him to travel through the Paths of the Death and that wards him from un-dead attacks. The Dryad told them that Nyrissa lived in Thousand Breaths and that The Castle of Knives in the forest of Thousand Voices is said to contain a gateway there. The Nymph just fled and hid as soon as the elemental-driven whirlpool and Nyrissa were mentioned.

So they prepared for a journey to The Castle of Knives, when reports came in of an infestation of gigantic mushrooms, moulds and vines overrunning the plant life near Tatzleford. So they teleported to Tatzleford and spent a few minutes questioning the scout, who reported that the area was also infested with small plant men, who had attacked hi horse and tried to climb up and over it - but the horse was fast enough to escape their attack. They decided to investigate in the morning, after a quiet nights rest - well after Cassandra and Robert had a quiet night of rest - the others discovered the local brewery and its attached ale house, and finished up putting in a fairly large order for delivery to both Candlemere Island and Horcroft.

Next morning the found the area – and it was as it had been described. Huge, misshapen mushrooms, tangling vines and sheets of mould - and swarming with little plant men. The mini-mandagoras (for that is what they were) sounded like babies crying and screaming, especially when they raised their voices and screeched at the party - causing many of them to feel nauseous and unable to take part in the battle.

They discovered that weapons and a cloudkill spell didn’t hurt or slow the things at all, and that both cold and electrical based attacks didn’t do as much damage as they expected. Flame seemed to work OK though, and so did sonic attacks.

After a long and difficult battle they did manage to defeat two large swarms of the mini-mandagora but the infestation stayed. They tried hacking at the growths and destroying them in other ways - the growths took damage, but grew back with remarkable speed and vigour.

So the party withdrew, and came back a couple of days later, armed to the eyeballs with fire spells, oil and alchemists fire. There were more mandagora swarms, but these were defeated handily and quickly and this time the magic of the infestation disappeared with the same green energy spiral and keening sound that followed the destruction of the whirlpool. Many of the strange plants remained, but without the magical fertility, they would eventually die out and be replaced by ther natural vegetation again. This time they found one of the small mandagora bodies that had the same magical aura as the dead swan body they collected last time.

The clues so far

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