Week 8 - Back in the Woods

The party has collected a series of rewards from Oleg, the Sword Lords in Restov and a couple of others, so they decide to blow their hard earned savings and order a Bag of Holding through Oleg’s store. It is going to take a week or so to arrive, so they decide to wait at Oleg’s until then. While they are there, they also meet up with Vekkel for the first time, who rewards them with a Masterwork Longbow and some magical arrows for bringing him Tuskgutter’s head. During that week they find out a bit more about the developments that are going on.

Oleg and Svetlana have decided to encourage a few more people close the trading post, working on the principle that if there are more people around, they should be able to hold off any new incursions by bandits. While they have faith in the party they are clearly hedging their bets.

Apparently Kirsten Garess (the officer in charge of the guards sent from Restov) suggested building the ditch and he is in charge of its construction. The ditch , and the small earthen rampart inside it, is never going to make a brilliant defence in its own right, but it does make a statement. And with sharpened stakes in the bottom of the ditch it will slow down and massed attacks, and when they can eventually build a small palisade on top – it will, eventually, become a half decent defence.

One of the ‘settler’ families has started to build a tannery by a small stream close to Oleg’s, although they intend to live in house inside the wall ‘just in case’. The other settler family is hoping to set up a small forge and operate as a smith. They are working on getting Bokken to move closer and become part of the new settlement and even Vekkel is considering moving out here and building a stables inside the wall.

And Oleg is going to change the trading post into an Inn – and wants to call it the Dragon’s Head Inn. As such he has put out a reward for the head of a Tatzlwyrm – a type of small dragon that is known to live locally.

Eventually it could be an ideal base for hunters and trappers in the area – an Inn, Tannery, Stables, Potion Maker and Smith. All with a town guard and Oleg still operating as a trader ….

Still, that established they set out into the wilds again – this time armed with a big bag full of honey cakes with which to tempt the Fey – although Rudy seems to be eating them fairly rapidly. They are also accompanied by Jhod, who is keen to rebuild the abandoned temple that they found – and which matched his dream so accurately.

Jhod soon declares that he is going to settle there and tidy the place up – but that the party have his gratitude and support, etc tec … And that they are welcome to stay here when ever they are in the area. Indeed the party do decide to use the temple as a base for their explorations of the immediate area. On the first night they left out a honey cake for the Fey, only to discover that they helped themselves to the whole bag, that was inside the cave with the party. When the loss was discovered Rudy rushed outside and started trying to talk to the Fey – and this time they managed to make friends with Tyg-Titter-Tut ( a Grig) and her friend Perlivash (a faerie dragon). The two Fey helpmthem by telling them the approximate locations for the Fang Berries the need for Bokken and pointing them towards a Tatzlwyrm den in the middle of a local river. So next day it is off exploring ..

The fangberries are patch is covered with .long dagger sharp thorns, and covered with spiders web – but a judicious use of the Unseen Servant spell, negates both defences, and the part are able to collect a goodly number of the prized berries.

Then onto the Tatzlewym den, which turned out to be built at a fordable place in the river. The battle was short but hard and the two tatzlwyrms there were no real challenge to the party – even as they fought to the death to defend their nest. As they cleared the nest and let the river run freely again, they discovered the corpse of one of their previous victims – and came away with a suit of magical scale mail and a Masterwork Cold iron long sword. Jhod kindly preserved the heads so they coukld be taken back to Oleg’s in one piece.

Further exploration allowed them to discover a Thylacine fallen into a disused pit trap, so they rescued it and collapsed the trap so nothing else would be caught that way. They also met up with a huge Elk – 9 feet at the shoulder and with the largest rack of antlers they have ever seen. Rather than hunt it, they decided to follow, wondering if it might be an incarnation of Old Dead Eye himself …. It lead them to another area with a a strange dead unicorn – White clouded eyes, indicated that it was blind when it dies, but there were no signs of injury – except that its horn had been cut off after death. There were no track, no signs of death and the body had not started to rot. The body had a very faint and very disturbing magical aura. Leaving that mystery, they followed the tracks of the giant elk again to discover a 15 feet tall statue of Erastil standing alone in a clearing at the edge of the forest – so they cleared it of underbrush and settled down for the night. Next morning they lost the tracks of the Elk and decided to return home.

Stopping off at the Temple, the found that Jhod had really started to clean the place up and was making a number of interim repairs – the cave was even starting to look lived in. Handing over a few small denomination coins he asked the party to help him out with some things from Oleg’s, such as pots, pans and other minor household items.

Then back to Oleg’s – where the Tatzlewyrm heads were handed over and duely rewarded, the Fangberries were delivered to Bokken, and a few minor potions bought at discount as a reward.

Only to find there was another scrolls from Restov … saying that the Stag Lord is wanted Dead or Alive and that they will be rewarded handsomely – although it doesn’t specify what the reward would be.

Game Time = 2 weeks
Total Game Time = 7 weeks

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