Week 79 - Rebuilding and Black Swans

After the defeat of Irovetti and negotiations with the new Pitax Council, the leaders of Newhaven spent time recovering and planning.

Robert and Jhod, as well as their various assistants and subordinates, continued to work with the wounded from the battles, and many soldiers and warriors were patched up better than they had ever thought they would be. Not everyone came away scot free, but lots of limbs were re-grown, and even old illnesses and diseases fixed up. And there was even a promise that Robert and Jhod would hold continue to hold healing sessions as and when they could.

The allied volunteers from the Centaurs and Restov were fixed up and sent home first with thanks and a decent share of loot from the Pitaxian corpses.

Then it was the turn of the semi-mercenaries from Mivon. While they were patched up and sent home, Charles sent some soldiers to clear and claim the area they had been promised for their new settlement. Soon their would be a Mivon Noble Family with a presence in New Haven along with the various Brevoy families. Cassandra has appointed Clarice Forester to run the Trade Mission in Mivon, with assistance from Michael de Maestrino to look after security. Hebrin has offered to send a Cultural Attaché to help out around the trade mission.

Kisandra was asked to go to Pitax and take control of the new trade house, where she would also represent Rudy, Cassandra, Larran, Robert, Ox and Hebrin on the Pitax council. At the same time Cassandra appointed Marco Bracci as the ambassador, with Desiree Tyrell as housekeeper. Robert also has plans to incorporate a shrine to Iomedae into the New Haven centre in Pitax. Hebrin is even sending one of his staff to act as a Cultural Attaché at the new Embassy.

There were other plans for development inside New Haven. Robert has plans for another shrine in Varnhold and has given instructions to develop hospital and training centres at Wyvernstone Priory – which would make it one of the largest, and possibly most influential, abbeys dedicated to Iomedae in the region.

Lord Keston has been awarded The Lordship of a new town to be developed at the fortification built for the Army he lead. It has already become known as South March and will manage the border with Pitax. Keston still maintains his title as High Warden of Pitax.

For her part, Lady Parevain Khavortorov was asked to rebuild the settlement at Whiterose on the Western Border. The village she had held previously would be rebuilt (it was seriously damaged in the first part of the war) and would become an independent settlement. Whiterose, on the other hand, would become the major settlement on the western borders of the expanded New Haven.

Dabur Golka was asked to establish a small settlement on the site of a flooded silver mine that would mark the northern border of the new expansion. The next few months would see roads pushed out to the three new settlements and the gaps filled in later.

Rudy sent some time auditioning at the Academy in Pitax and finally recruited the people for his travelling Entertainment company - who will soon start touring New Haven under the watchful eye of his cousin Mary Orlovsky.

It was about a month after the battle for Pitax when they got told about a whirlpool of black water that had started up in Lake Candlemere. They promptly commandeered a Marine-Guard ship and had themselves taken down there.

They duly found the black-water whirlpool, but it was surrounded by hundred of silent pack swans. Whenever they appeared at risk from being drawn in, the just flew up out of the water and landed further out, only to start drifting back again. Cassandra dropped an arrow into the water to get dragged in while the crew maintained distance. But that one arrow was enough. Perhaps the beings that were causing the whirlpool saw that as an attack? Who can tell.

A large wave, with four distinct crests, appeared - moving towards the party’s ship. Cassandra promptly took the form of a huge water elemental and moved towards one crest, only to discover it was an Elder Elemental that towered over her. And so the battled was joined. Robert air-walked to fight one, Rudy sent bursts of sound energy from the drones of his summoned bagpipes, one elemental attacked the boat – it looked like a conventional battle. However, a series of successful dismissal spells won the battle in short order, after the tactic had been mooted.

Once the elementals had gone, the whirl pool disappeared, all the swans died and their was a huge release of magical energy - a green spiral and a keening noise. Only one of the swan bodies tested as magical - with a strong aura of Transmutation and Conjuration.

Personal investigation didn’t reveal much, but the Old Beldame managed to identify it as having a link to The First World – home of the fey.

The clues so far

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