Week 78 - Regime Change 3

It didn't take long to find the door that led into the sealed room, and it was soon opened. The stairs lead down to a passage (part natural, part manufactured) that wound downwards, andfinally they came to another small flight of stairs leading down to a door.

They discovered an ornate bedroom that was lit by magical crystal lights. Although there were only three walls and the fourth side made was a thick purple curtain. After a short exploration they pushed past the curtain to find a large natural chamber – lit by more of the Crystal lights. There was a large pool to the right and a number of chests to the left. As they started to explore, a lighting bolt appeared from mid-air and bounced between them – but no enemies appeared. Rudy was summoned, and his spell grated ability to see invisible creatures located King Irovetti who was standing close to Larran and a beautiful woman who was floating a few feet up in the air. Cassandra managed to get the woman with a glitter dust, and Robert used his Invisibility Purge – so everyone could see the enemy. However, by this time Irovetti had attacked Larran causing severe injury and the woman had cast another chain lightning spell. The battle raged - Rudy and Ox fought Irovetti, while Larran retired for healing. Hebrin fired a few arrows and Cassandra hit the woman with a Dispel Magic, which sent her thumbing into the pool. A few moments later she emerged again, but this time in her true shape of a Spirit Naga.

It was in the balance at some points, but Irovetti and his naga-consort were soundly beaten. Then Cassandra shape changed into a water element to explore the pool, so easily discovered the secret door that lead into a hidden area. There she discovered Evindra's shawl wrapped around the Sword Briar – a beautifully made short-sword of great magical ability.

Back upstairs they found the leaders os four families waiting for them – and the negotiations started. No one challenged the party’s rights to Irovetti's personal belongings, although they did ask for his head to display around city on a pike. The Pitax Council, as they were calling themselves, ceded all the land in the north of the area - roughly in a line from Illora’s old camp, across south of their fortification and then across to the river.

They also ceded control of one third of Irovetti's original trade empire to the leaders of Newhaven and a seat on the Pitax Council for who ever was appointed to lead it on their behalf. The rest of Irovetti's original trade house holdings were split between headmistress Atalia who was also appointed Theatre Manager and Illora who was appointed Marshal of the Pitax Scouts. The Iron Fox holdings were returned to the Liacenza family.

The new council was to be composed of the Four ‘Heads of House’ and representatives of the seven trade houses (our traditional and three new) and the High Priest of the Cathedral of Calistria. It gave the original rulers the upper hand in the council, but there was enough of a counter balance to stop things getting too far out of hand and to make it difficult for anyone else to take over in the way that Irovetti did.

The negotiations also settled on building a new road between Pitax and Port Slough and the establishment of a New Haven Embassy in Pitax.

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