Week 77 - Regime Change 2

They knew they were only a curtain away from the main hall and throne room, but their map showed them another, longer way, to get to the same place – and they hoped that might help them avoid the ambush they were expecting.

The detour took them through the staff living areas of the palace there was The Guard Captains room, complete with a large double bed decorated with chains and manacles – empty and devoid of anything of real interest. There were the guards who had managed to turn a ballista around from its normal position and fire it across a corridor towards them Those two guards didn’t live to tell the tale. Then there was the guard room for the kitchen entrance that was guarded by a pair of trolls. They were a tougher battle but were fairly quickly overcome. Then there were the kitchens - discovered too late to burn the troll bodies they had just destroyed.

After that it was the great hall and throne room. However the noise of battle had let the guards track the party on their detour through the inner rooms of the palace and they were ready. There were Pitax heralds concealed on a balcony, ready with a mixture of spells and arrows, while the great hall itself was protected by more trolls and some Pitax Wardens – all led by Vilamor Koth, barbarian hero and leader of the palace guard. That was a long fight. Hebrin was defeated by a charm spell and spent much of the battle talking with one of the Pitax Heralds, Robert took the rest of the heralds on, by flying up to the balcony they were using for protection. Larran faced off against Vilamor Koth and some of the trolls while Ox took on a number of Pitax Wardens and another troll. Cassandra threw fireballs and Rudy helped out with supporting spells. As the fight was drawing to a close there was a massive explosion from the front of the palace - resigned to more combat Cassandra peered around the corner ….

It was Illora and the High Priest from the Callistran Cathederal supported by the heads of the traditional ruling families and a few of their supporters. They had had spies out and a successful scrying had told them that the group was inside the palace. They reported that they had taken control of the town - although you might wonder quite how tight that control was. They agreed to secure the perimeter of the palace while the group continued their search for Irovetti. A quick exploration of staircases discovered a number of watch towers peeking over the roof of the palace, the kitchen cellars and an armoury. Eventually close inspection of their map helped them locate another stair case, in a room with no doors. Intrigued they set of to find this hidden room.

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