Week 76 - Regime Change 1

It took a week and a half to get them selves organised. Robert, Jhod, Father Brald and their clerics were all busy with curative and restorative spells. Robert even found time to cast a spell that regenerated Lady Parevain’s leg (so she now no longer fits the nickname the group use for her - Hoppy One-leg)

Their commanders started talking about expansion and protecting the area thay had fought over. They mentioned that this new fortification would make a base for bandits, and then there was the buildings at Whiterose - and the Flooded Silver Mine in the North. That whole area would make a welcome addition to the kingdom, and provide a decent buffer area for Port Slough.

But the party left those conversations to the generals and turned their attention ot Irovetti. There was some discussion about taking the army to Pitax, but they decided to go along a scout the land out. They thought about teleporting to the Temple of Desna, the Temple of Calistria, the River Song trade offices and the old drug factory in the Rose Tower – but eventually went for the room that Cassandra had used at the Inn. The room was empty and the whole of the inn quiet and they considered where they could find allies - possibly headmistress Gitaran at the academy, Joffrhe or the Calistians.

They discovered why everything was quiet when they tried to make their way to the Temple of Calistria, where they thought Ilora might be holed up. The whole town was under martial law, with military patrols in the streets and an ‘after dark’ curfew. So they went back to the Inn and waited it out. However they saw a bit of trouble between some hooded men and a military patrol in the early hours - so they know all is not well.

They thought about dimension dooring to the temple of Calistria, but realised it was too far - instead they gave up on seeking allies and decided to tackle Irovetti in his palace alone. They dimension doored outside the walls and made their way around the outside to the point they had dimension doored from previously. However, they were spotted, and a few arrows fired down at them from the walls – along with shouts raising the general alarm - declaring that the giant slaying baby eaters – or the New Haven Army – had been spotted launching an attack. Still it was only a few arrows, and they managed to avoid them – before the dimension doored into Irovetti’s library. However, he had second guessed them and had left a Flesh Golem in there ready to greet them personally. However, it was a short battle to defeat the construct before they made their way deeper into the palace.

They decided to head around to the throne room, and the route they chose took them past the main entrance chamber - which was guarded by a couple of huge trolls with battle axes! Then worse, as the battle raged Pitax Wardens joined the fight, one of whom managed to get in behind Cassandra. This was a much longer tougher battle, with Cassandra involved in close combat with a Warden, the others had to deal with the trolls alone. But they did succeed, and then spent an age burning the monsters to pieces with a flaming sword.

There is only a tapestry that separates them from the main throne room of the palace – and what ever is waiting in there has had a long time to prepare ….

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