Week 75 - The Big Battle

With no more they could do (at the moment) at the Abbey or for Evindra the group headed back to their military camp. Well Cassandra teleported Rudy, Robert and Larran there, intending to collect Hebrin and Ox later. However, they walked into the middle of an epic battle. The mammoth Riding Giants, had teamed up with the remnants of the pitax army and the mysterious army they had tried to cloudkills - and they were all besieging the camp.

So they decided to stay help. Before long they realised that their attacks were getting lost in the general battle, so they decided to attach the leaders. They could ssee the leader of the Giants and the Ogre mage general at the back along with Imeckus Stroon hovering above them. Robert airwalked across to take on Stroon - but was met halfway by The Ogre mage – and the pair engaged in a titanic battle.

Rudy and Larran dimensions doored across to take on the Hill Giant chieftain - but then discovered that the gnome drugs chief from Pitax was there are well. Eventually they discover that the leader of the mysterious Cats Paw Army was here to. And she was a were-tiger wearing a ring of invisibility. Cassandra decided to engage in long distance magical attacks.

It was not going well for the party. Robert was losing, the invisible were tiger was causing havoc, and the giant was hammering away at Larran. So Cassandra went back for the other two, - and tried to teleport back into the middle of the battle - but got it wrong. Fortunately she had another spell available to her so they teleported back to camp and then out into battle - wasting a couple of rounds as they did so. By this time Robert was down - dead again and the Ogre mage had joined the main conflict.

It was tough, but they succeeded – they slew the Giant Chieftain, the Ogre mage general and finally got the gnome. However, the other two managed to make good their escape. Heartened, the Newhaven armies had poured out of their fortress and brought the battle to the Pitaxians - and strengthened by their leaders success, they achieved a resounding victory.

But it was not without loss. Robert was dead, as was Dabur Golka (The Executioner) and Sir Edward Penya (Larrans assistant in the Gnarlemarch). And there were many other dead and wounded.

They there was a scoll of Raise Dead for Robert (who was eventually able to raise Sir Edward – and a Scroll of Reincarnate for Dabur. Who came back as a Human. While he is greatful to be alive, he really is unsure of this new shape – he iosn’t even sure that he will be able to grow a decent beard!

It will be a good week or two before they are well enough organised to think about their next set of actions.

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