Week 74 - Return to the Abbey

The water clock had been bugging them, and before they returned to the combat zone, they had one last experiment with it. Realising they couldn’t do anything to change the time settings, Cassandra started to open the water container of the clock. As she did so, the stopped came out on its own and the water gushed out onto the floor and turned into a beautiful woman – who was as naked as the day she was born!

After a pause while they got used to things (and Rudy drooling) they questioned the woman. It turned out she is a nereid, called Evindra, who was tricked into the clock by The Gardener (whose ghost they defeated at the monastery). The gardener stole her shawl, which contains a part of her life essence and she wants it back badly.

She told them that she had been guarding a magical short-sword called Briar which was said to be able to kill Narissa, a self styled queen of the fairies. But now she didn’t know where either her shawl of the Sword are. Narissa will be hunting for the sword, and Evrinda is very worried about her shawl. She could die without it.

So the party returned to White Rose Abbey. However, this time they were prepared for the Shadows and defeated them fairly easily. They were less prepared for the shambling mounds I the grave yard - but defeated those fairly easily as well. But no matter where they searched they could not find any sign of either Evrinda’s shawl or Briar.

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